Trying not to crack my skull…

When: 01/03/2018

QIC: Turbine

PAX (): Smackdown, Aflac, Bear, I-beam, Squeegee, Booter, Rusty, Goat, Crab Legs, Hat Trick, Bird Dog, Turbine



  • 30 x Side Straddle Hops
  • 15 x Cotton Pickers
  • 12 x Windmills


The Thang:


After we were warmed up (easy to do in 23 degree weather), we Death Marched (Indian Run with Burpees) around the back of the baseball fields to the football field parking lot. It was a morning for fun exercise titles and so we followed with a round of 15 x Hand Clap Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees (hand clap merkin -> right knee to right elbow -> other side -> burpee; on your own). We then cozied up to the concession stand wall for Ascending Testicles where we did 10 x derkins at 15 degrees, 10 x derkins at 45 degrees and 10 x balls to the wall on your own (I think I managed four BTTW before I was in serious danger of mashing my skull from my shoulders being exhausted). We mozied on to the pond with a pit stop for coupons to ready for a Heartbreak 1-2-3. This consisted of partnering up for 100 x skull crushers, 200 x curls and 300 x shoulder presses Dora style – while one partner ran the hill toward the aquatic center, the other played with their coupon, switching between hill runs and coupon reps. The early finishers got some LBCs, Freddie Mercurys and American Hammers in while waiting for the six. With ten minutes left we mozied toward the flag and began Elevens at the Lights. We started at the first light post with 10+1 burpees+merkins and at each subsequent light post worked the burpee number down as we increased the merkins. Turns out there wasn’t much running between light posts because the Wreck’s trail has lights every 10 yards. We were able to work down to around 5+6 before calling it to finish on time.




  • Convergence this Saturday – 7 am at Riverside Park for 1.5 beatdown
  • Prayers for I-beam’s family as his M is heading back to work after maternity leave and they adjust to a new schedule

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