Tired and Cranky

When: 01/03/2018

QIC: Manning

PAX (): Bloodhound, Westside, Floppy (Happy Birthday!), Misty, C4, The Mole, Law Dog, Homeboy, Buckeye, Legionnaire, Chitwood, Babyface

Got the call out of the bullpen Ricky Vaughn style today – Thanks, Dori, and hope your wheel heals soon!

Long week with super cold temps, a new AO launch, and other suspect excuses limited the PAX this morning. Or it was the pre-blast “wheel ‘o pain” promise that scared them away? Let’s move on…

Warm Up:

Mosey to the track for a brisk lap and a quick warm up, including:

25 Side Straddle Hops (let the mumble chatter begin!)

10ish Sun Gods forward and back

Ok enough of that – we got lots to do today!

The Thang:

Hey folks – it’s your favorite game: Wheel ‘o Pain! Let’s give those hi-tech “touch” gloves a real test and start spinning! In no particular order and likely some forgotten:

50 LBC’s OYO (clearly today is going to be 8-minute ab day)

75 Monkey Humpers  OYO (mumble chatter took some dangerous turns thanks to Homeboy taking it into the gutter per usual)

25 Big Boy Situps OYO

50 LBC’s OYO – aka “abs on fire”

25 Bro-pees – yes, finally something to quiet the chatter

25 Bro-pees (ahem, let’s spin again shall we?) Suicide – 25/50/75/100 yard sprints and back to the circle

50 LBC’s

Racoon Mountain – Up the metal mountain…skulk across on all fours…back down and around the track – just for fun. Several taking the short-side of the bleachers much to the dismay of the PAX.

Lane 8 – or Lane 7, or whatever….math is hard

100 Mountain Climbers in “Cadence” – Homeboy roaring out of the gate with 25, followed by a very un-Law Dog-like performance: 1…2…3…?…?…?…?…18?  Yikes, that was a train wreck.

25 Big Boy Situps – Oh, hello nausea…

Indian Run – make that an Indian SPRINT. Sheesh!

06:13:30 – Time for 90 seconds of more BROPEES!

Mosey back to the flag for COT


Happy Birthday to Floppy. 49 and killing it out in the gloom. Respec…(no, not quite yet!)

Thankful for the incredible showing of FNG’s at the SHS AO. For those from The Kodiak for making the trek over there in 8-degree weather, and for what’s about to happen in that community. Post if you can again tomorrow to continue showing the love…

Let’s load up the Homeboy and Legionnaire mobiles with coffee supplies so we don’t have another “incident” like this morning.

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