Sequoyah BIG Bang

When: 01/02/2018

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Bloodhound, Wham-o, The Mole, C-4, Legionnaire, Lawdog, Cricket, Woody, Pulte, Manning, Homeboy, Do-Si-Do, High Top, Swisher, Westside, Hombre, TitleMax, Chitwood, Hasbro, Spaceballs, The Body. FNGs: Big Ben, Hooch, Cuban, Hooters, Mr. Wizard, Tardy, Chief Wiggum, Ricky Bobby, Norm, Satellite, Thrasher, Cha-Cha, Good Hands

Not going to lie, this morning was cold and I was a little nervous about how many guys would be recovered enough from last nights game to ignore the cold advisory and forsake the fartsack.  YHC was encouraged by the chatter on the Kodiak cooler of the HC’s that we had, but 11 degrees can change a HC to a No real quick.  When we pulled in to the junior lot of Sequoyah though, it was clear that this launch was over due and the Sad Clowns of Hickory Flat were in for F3 to arrive.

After a quick disclaimer it was time to get the 33 men around YHC move or fear frost bite settling in. So we moseyed to the entrance of the parking lot and circled up for a little

Warm Up:

15 SSH, 10 Cotton Pickers, 15 Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

Once we had our blood flowing we when an extra 10 feet to the end of the parking lot were YHC instructed the group on our first routine of the day: A modified Quarter Pounder.  We used the light poles in place of yard makers and our series of exercises included 25 Star Jumps at the first light, 50 shoulder taps at the second, 75 plank jacks at the third, and finally 100 SSH at the last.  We ran back to the start and planked for the 6 after each exercise.  Right at the conclusion of YHC’s perfect explanation of the events one more car hesitantly pulled into the entrance.  We quickly waved him in and parted so he could pass and knew immediately that this was going to be a great way to name him later.  SO….. we OYOed the heck out of the routine and planked for the 6 at the last light pole after the 100 SSH.

Next we did not have to go far to find our next element of fun: the large hill leading to the top of the parking lot.  We partnered up for Dora but substituted Big Boy sit ups for LBC.  Once completed we took a nice long mosey up the hill one last time then down around the back of the high school, until we came to the large wall, which YHC was a little concerned would not have enough room for the herd of men we had, but it was long enough to get the job done (man if I had a nickle for every time I’ve heard that-I’d have $.10).  Do-Si-Do and Legionnaire both toppled at the same time to be the current SHS Balls to the walls champions, but that will surely change with time.

Mosey Back to the flag with just enough time to circle up for an extended name-o-rama, welcome:

  • Kevin Sandt – Big Ben (He’s an Eagles fan)
  • Turner Lee – Hooch (Turner & Hooch)
  • Fred Goodwin – Cuban (his son is nick named Swisher Sweets)
  • Oscar Gomez – Hooters (he went to Kennesaw State )
  • Braden Ward – Mr. Wizard (combo of Mr. Clean and the movie the wizard, he said he likes video games and he is bald)
  • David Blackmon – Tardy (he was the guy that was late)
  • Eric Schaefur – Wiggum (he was a detective – chief whigam from the simpsons)
  • Justin Patrick – Ricky Bobby (he has 2 first names)
  • Joe Crist – Norm (he does a lot of wood working- I know we had a Norm, but Do-si-do said he has been a no-show for a loooong time, its time to move on)
  • Adam Hughs – Satellite (he said his first CD was Dave Mathews – and that’s a bad Dave song)
  • Johnathon Harbor – Thrasher (he said he is a big hockey fan and the Thrashers are no more)
  • John  Vasacheck- Cha-Cha (was a dance instructor)
  • Johnathon Sloan – Good Hands (He is in Insurance)


  • Come out to the convergence on Saturday the 6th in Roswell
  • Thank you to all the men who made today so successful, Awesome job all the way around.
  • TClaps to Chitwood for coming back form Illinois and making it to the workout this morning.
  • Not going to lie, it was a special treat to launch this workout today at my old stomping grounds, along with a few others (Homeboy, The Body, and Ricky Bobby)

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