It was a lucky 13…sort of!

When: 01/02/2018

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Novocaine, Rubber Cheese, Seles

3 Lads, strong of mind and spirit joined YHC for a slightly less than warm (OK, it was 13 degrees and effing cold) on the fly beat-down at DHS this 2nd of January. Maybe it was the warmth of the Dawgs victory, or the Falcons making the playoffs, but what ever the case, the 4 of us carried on with the business of F3. And with that…

Warm-O-Rama: All IC and all x15 (2 rounds) SSH, Imp. Walkers, Wind-Mills, Squats, and Stone Mountains (Merkins on the 2nd round)

The Thang:

Part 1- Perpetual Motion – back and forth across the lot at a spirited mosey clip, with 20 SSH OYO on the A-Side and 20 Overhead Presses on the B-Side. (10 Minutes)

Part 2-Perpetual Motion – back and forth across the lot lunging instead of running. 20 Sumo Squats on the A-Side and 20 Prisoner Squats on the B-Side (10 Minutes)

Part 3 – 4 Minutes of Mary – All IC and All x15 – Low Dolly, High Dolly, Obliques (Left and Right), Mason Twist, Low Flutter…OK, enough lying on the freezing cold ground.

Mosey to the school entrance for Partner Merkins and Dips (partner up, 3 sets of 10 each partner and each exercise)

Part 4 – Mosey to the picnic tables for Step-ups (IC and x15 – 3 rounds) and Incline Merkins (OYO and 15 – 3 Rounds)

Mosey to the curb – two rounds of 50,75,100 with a mosey back.

COT – Novocaine took us out.

Reminder about convergence on Saturday – Riverside Park – 07:00.

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