Ice cold.

When: 12/27/2017

QIC: Hat Trick

PAX (): Thumper, Rooney, Miller Time, Virginia Slim, Corn Hole, Sprocket, Crablegs, Bear, Aflac

YHC stabbed the shovel in the ground at 5:28am. Cold out there. Ice cold. Ten PAX huddled under the gazebo hoping for the rain to slow. Nope. Began raining harder with a slight pelting of ice if one was lucky enough to get pegged. YHC was.

530 came, we mosey to the steps by the pond.

Warm-up (and then some)

YHC needed to get the blood a flowing, may have bargained for a bit too much cardio here:  Partner up. Partner A takes off around the pond, partner B runs backwards in same direction. Once A catches up to the backwards running partner B, 5 burpees together. Switch who runs backwards and repeat doing 4 burpees once caught… then 3, 2, 1.  Crablegs mentioned he dropped 3.5 miles during this Beatdown.

The Thang

Mosey to the gridiron SSH in cadence until six arrive.

From goal line broad Jump to the 10
40 merkins
Broad jump to the 20
30 big boy sit ups
Broad jump to the 30
20 merkins
Broad jump to the 40
10 big boy sit-ups
Broad jump to the 50

Jump squats for the six. Repeat exercise from the 50 back to the goal line substituting lunges for broad jump and squats for big boy sit-ups.

Quick mosey to lower field and grab some wall. Stationary 11s beginning with 10 dips + 1 derkin; then 9 dips + 2 derkins; descending + ascending to 1 dip + 10 derkins.

Mosey to the flag, arriving at 6:15.


  • Convergence on Jan 6th for F3Alpha & F3Atlanta. Will be at Riverside Park in Roswell 1:30pm w/ 3Qs; coffee/donuts after – $5 donations appreciated.
  • If interested in Helenback, a few of the PAX are looking to reserve accommodations. Cost increases Jan. 1
  • The Wreck Q Sheet is out on Slack and in the December newsletter, the encouragement is to begin filling in those 2018  spots.  One PAX challenged us all to hop in on a monthly basis to Q. Lets get it. 

Grateful for each of you push me.

Hat Trick

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