Suck Fest at the Locker

When: 12/23/2017

QIC: Bloodhound

PAX (): Babyface, Hombre, Crack, Westside, Cricket, Homeboy, Manning, Dory, Legionnaire, Titlemax, Sgt. Slaughter, C4, Misty, Whammo, Banjo, Lawdog, Harp, Bloodhound

18 PAX decided to show up and play this beautiful Saturday morning.  I think this is the most for a Saturday post, thanks for coming out. I am sure everyone was happy to see Sand Babies this morning for a Pre Christmas beatdown. We had a few extra members today we needed to grab a few extra coupons AKA Chunk-O-Granite. So lets get to it…

Warm up:

In cadence exercise –


Cherry pickers




Today’s route will take us on the 1.3 mile outer path loop mosing with sand-babies between sets starting at the flag.

Bring Sally up

Squats to our favorite song with Sand Babies

Burpback Mountain

Pairing up with one person proceeding to run backward up the hill/forward down the hill while the other person is performing burpees. The individuals continue to alternate running with burpees until 50 total burpees are completed.


Each member do a 4-count exercise x10

Kodiak crawl

Bear crawl with sand baby across the field of Dreams

Little Mt. Climber

Up the hill with your sand baby

Lunge walk with Sand Baby

To the truck


  • Hope everyone has a great Christmas.
  • No Beatdown on Monday, we will be testing our Sequoia expansion AO
  • Last minute campout at Carters this Friday and Saturday, all are welcome
  • Blue Ridge race coming up, see Hombre if you have questions
  • Spartan Sprint at Ft. Benning in April, talk with Babyface or Bloodhound
  • Tough Mudder in October, Talk to Bloodhound


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