Good and Bad alike get bricks for Christmas

When: 12/20/2017

QIC: Sneakers

PAX (): Boomer, The Dab, Saint2O, Sneakers

A dedicated few showed up for an almost Christmas beatdown that would keep chatter to a level that your local librarian would love.  Apparently the pax thought it was a tough workout in the gloom.  To this I say a hearty “GOOD!!”  We left no man behind and left no man where we found him.  All were pushed to reach deep and carry on.

Warm up

  • SSH
  • HillBillies
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Baby Arm Circles

The Thang

Mosey to the pile of bricks behind the pool house.  (Thanks church facilities crew for keeping such a beautiful pile of coupons available for no other reason than our manly betterment!)

Select a pair of bricks and mosey with the twins to the parking lot.

Because YHC decided that the parking lot was of such a non-square shape, it was decided that we would modify 4 corners into 2 points and just do it twice per round of 4 exercises.  The starting point was considered corners 1 and 3 while the second destination was considered corners 2 and 4.  Exercises were not done in cadence, but early completion was rewarded with the pax choosing either air chair or bricks held high above the head.  The pax moseyed up and down the parking lot as a unit because YHC had a feeling that the understood accountability of brothers-in-the-suck would be needed to get through this beatdown.  This pattern was followed for each round of exercises.  Which exercises, you ask?

10 Brickpees to start off with.  A burpee with a merkin on the bricks so we could get nice and low, and pressing the bricks above one’s head for the “hand clap” finally of the burpee.  A real crowd pleaser!

20 Squat-presses.  Perform a squat and press the bricks overhead at the top of the squat.

20 Merkins.  On the bricks.  Nice and low gentlemen!

20 Lunges with the bricks.

Then repeat minus 1 Brickpee and 2 of the other exercises until the Q determined that we needed to head back to the flag.  Honestly hoping for a bit of Mary, YHC was slightly disappointed that there was no time for Mary.


Prayer requests for a niece who is believing the lie of the world that promises fulfillment and love from empty relationships and activities.

A spouse having a job interview and all of the wonderful opportunities that a job change might entail.  Prayers for wisdom in making the choices pertaining to the opportunity.

Prayers for dealing with the stresses that the holidays can bring about, from dealing with the loss of loved ones, to dealing with relational issues or drama.

Praises for God drawing us to Himself and adopting us as His children while we were not only strangers, but enemies of His.  Thank you Father!!

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