Fogcutters undeterred at Caney Creek

When: 12/20/2017


PAX (): Stay Puft, Sunshine, iHop, Pothole, Cookie, Nacho Libre, TO

The fog was thick Wednesday morning as the pax made their way to Caney Creek for a festive pre Christmas beatdown.  Visibility was less than 50′ but all made it there safe and sound.  At 0515 six pax were on hand, mostly armed with headlamps, so we mosied.  Nacho Libre timed his arrival perfectly and jumped out of his vehicle and jumped into the group without missing a stride, making it a lucky seven.  Two laps around the parking lot (YHC’s old legs needed the extra lap to loosen up) and off to the pavilion for some warm up.

Warm Up:  SSH, Cotton Pickers, Hill Billy and Circle Burp x 2

The Thang

Parking Lot Laps of Pain.  Start at the pavilion end of the parking lot with 10 Merkins, 20 American Hammers halfway down and 10 more Merkins at the far end.  Stop halfway back to cool our backs in the cold wet pavement with 20 LBCs.  Repeat 5X.  Plank for the Six.

With the six in we headed to the pavilion for some picnic bench work.

20 Dips, 20 Step Ups, 20 Derkins and 10 Star Jumps.  Repeat 4X

Mary: with about 8 minutes left all seven pax had a turn in inflicting some pain.  YHC can’t remember them all but the highlight was iHop or Pothole trying to get us to 50 3 count merkins; fortunately somebody called an audible about halfway through and and we changed the play.  Stay Puft took us out with some box cutters and we recovered from COT.

COT:  Prayers for those friends travelling for the holidays as well as some who will be left behind at NLB.

Moleskin:  Sunshine is still posting at Caney, he just doesn’t have the long black beard.  YHC thought he was a new Pax.  Stay Puft has the Q next week.  YHC will be in Philly visiting my parents and watching the Birds wrap up homefield advantage throughout the NFL playoffs.

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