Me & You

When: 12/19/2017

QIC: Crack

PAX (): El Hombre, Crack, Law Dog

You momma and your cousin, too, rolling into the Publix AO for another edition of the Witch and the Wardrobe, I noticed a couple of fellows not in the precisely accurate location for our planned skipping and general merriment.

One was puffing on the rest of his Marlboro Reds. Or was it them slim-a** cigarettes from Virginia? This ain’t got’ stop, so we just gon’ continue and as it turns out Virginia wasn’t looking to skip, so he skipped out, slamming Cadillac doors.

The other just so happened to be El Hombre. I think the way they say it is that he is from THE Kodiak. Even had a shirt to prove it. With a few minutes before game time, Hombre hostilely confronted me as I ran around the AO (Publix btw) doing some strange movements.

Hombre: Dude, are you WARMING UP?

Crack: Well… yeah?

Hombre: I thought you didn’t like warm-ups?

Crack: No not really. (But he kept smiling like a clown, facial expression looking silly.) Not during the short 45 minute beatdown. Warm-up on your own dime.

Law dog rolled in on two just in time for a quick hello and then, one for the money, yes sir, two for the show, time to go. A luke warm 8 minute 0.98 mile over to Avy park for… more warm-ups? Of course not. Those were just your run-of-the-mill Imperial Walkers, IC. One man splits for 10 pull-ups while the others do Imperial Squawkers, exchange pull-uppers as well as squats, exchange again and back to Imperial Squawkers. Onto deck #3 stopping at the entry for 10 E2Ks, each side, up to the top with 3 burps at each turn and 10 more E2Ks each side once at the top. Now that we moving on up in the world like elevators, its time to head back down. Down one set of stairs, back across the deck stopping for 5 diamonds in the middle, repeato all the way down. Back up in the same fashion, this time with 20 leg lifts at each crossing. Since we were elevators again, straight down the stairs, for 10 more (each side) E2Ks, elevators up the stairs with 10 E2Ks (one side at the top) and the other side back at the bottom. Back to Avy Park for 3 quick stations. Pull-ups and leg lifts AMRAP while the other does 20 diamonds. Change it up so that everyone gets a turn and head on back to the Publix AO via Thompson St. Along Thompson, hit 10 Dry Docks at the top of each hill as well as the bottom of each hill for 50 total. Once back at the AO (named Publix) stop for some Mary: side plank dips, box cutters, and more E2Ks. Turns out we making the crowd move (3.4), but we ain’t making no G’s and that’s a no-no, so its time to wrap it up and go.

COT: prayers for work, a sick toddler, and a bit of a praise. We have been praying for DoSi’s grandpappy for a few weeks and if one can check out of this life as peacefully as that 95 YO champ, one must’ve lived life right. If you are a HIM, how much positive impact can you make in 95 years? Talk to DoSi and get some input from first-hand experience.


El Hombre was rolling down the strip in Vogues this AM; cruising easy until its time and then sets the pace. But how does he know about tWxtW? Its practically an unmentionable. Somebody needs to get better at keeping secrets. He did talk about how he stopped attending his gym because the 25 minute drive each way (in a Vogues, no doubt) was no fun. So instead, he will drive 25 minutes to a free workout. It sounds like most gyms have the wrong business model. I bet that if their workouts were free, they would have better attendance. That’s just a guess though. El Hombre, thanks for taking us out, brother!

No details can get past the law, that’s for sure:

Law Dog: Crack, did you put two THE’s in this workout’s name (not the AO, that’s Publix) because this one is twice as good as THE Rubicon, THE Hooch, THE Kodiak, or THE Wreck, or just because you like to pull sh*t off, like it was supposed to be pulled?

Crack: *crickets*

Speaking of, heard a call from the other way I just came from. Somebody was saying something, talking ’bout “AMF.” Thangs changed in the hood where I live at, but not me! Them rats know I have appreciation for those that came before me. If it’s good enough for them to call “Mary”, its good enough for me, so we like neck-to-neck. I better stop by the old hood on Thursday so it can be me and the crew, we pimps like ’83, me and you like Tony Toni ToneĀ (Like this, East Point and we gone)


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