Christmas Suicides

When: 12/20/2017

QIC: Booter

PAX (): Thumper, Bear, Aflac, I-Beam, Squeegee, Crablegs, Polaroid, Grease Monkey, Chelsea, Sprocket, Rusty, Percy, GOAT, Bronco, Virginia Slim, Smackdown, Windex, TP, Doogie

YHC heard the rumblings of a mosey free workout in the crowd (Virginia Slim). He was wrong… A solid 60 degrees and Humid, time for a sweat


Mosey to the Lake with PAX circled up for quick 20 counts:

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers

The Thang

Mosey to the football fields. PAX grabbed a parter and started at goalline for Doracides…

2 PAX work together to reach cumulative goal: 100 Merkins, 200 American Hammers, 300 Jump Squats (Audible to regular squats after 150), 400 Arm Raises

PAX 1 begins reps while PAX 2 sprints to 10 yardline, 1 burpee, sprint back to partner, sprints to 20 yardline, 2 burpees, back to partner, sprint to 30 yardline, 3 burpees, sprint back to parter. Switch and PAX 1 runs while PAX 2 completes reps.

After 6 was in, YHC didn’t think PAX had enough running in. Partner up on goaline. Race partner to opposite goalline and back. Winner completed Mary while loser found a new partner and raced. Only got through two rounds before Slim slowed down…

Mosey to baseball Field where we finished the final 10 minutes with a round of Dan Taylors (Lietenant Dans). 1 Squat: 4 Alternating Lunges increased until 10:40. We may have run out of time and skipped a couple rounds.

Mosey back to the flag


  • Praise to I-Beam’s son now sleeping a solid 8 hours…
  • Praise to TP’s wife for graduating Nursing School
  • Continued prayers for Marcus and his family
  • Prayers for GOAT’s friends’ family with loss of loved one (sorry I forgot the name)

5 PAX for Coffeteria at Crazy Love






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