The 12 Days of Christmas (Kodiak Style)

When: 12/17/2017

QIC: The Mole

PAX (): Dori, Babyface, Bloodhound, Legionnaire, Manning, Westside, Wham-O, Misty, Cricket, Homeboy, Law Dog, The Mole

It was a brisk 25 degrees this fine morning but we still managed to work up a good sweat in the cold.  (See image as proof from parking lot)


Mosey toward the football field.  Karaoke left and right on the way down to the field.  Once at the field YHC gave twist to some familiar Christmas songs/poems…..
“Twas the week before Christmas and the Q has not started shopping, so to assuage the guilt we will all start Side-Straddle Hopping.
Instead of “cherry pickers” like Bloodhound, we should do some Cotton Pickers and the folks behind The Mole pray his rear doesn’t make a sound.”
Stretch the legs on your way to the goal line….

The Thang

On the 1st day of Christmas the Q made me do, a goal-line to goal-line sprint.
On the 2nd day of Christmas the Q made me do, two Star Jumps and a goal-line to goal-line sprint.
On the 3rd day of Christmas the Q made me do, three Big Boy Situps, two Star Jumps, and a goal-line to goal-line sprint
4th day: four Lunges (Kodiak count), three….. two…. one….
5th  day: five BURPEEEEEES!  ….
6th day: six Makhtar N’Diayes (Kodiak Count…. six each hand)…
7th day: seven LBCs…….
8th day: eight Monkey Humpers…..
9th day: nine Merkins….
10th day: ten Nolan Ryans (Kodiak Count)….
11th day: eleven Shoulder Taps (Kodiak Count)….
On the 12th day of Christmas the Q made me do, twelve Jumping Lunges, 11 shoulder taps, 10 Nolan Ryans, 9 merkins, 8 monkey humpers…..

As the PAX finished the twelfth goal-line to goal-line sprint the Q knew that went much faster than anticipated.  Thinking quickly he counted exactly 12 PAX and decided to delegate a day of Christmas to each PAX member to determine the “gift” we would be given.

Following same pattern as before (each day adding on prior days)…
Going first YHC gifted, “On the 1st day of Christmas the Q made me do a backwards goal-line to goal-line run.”
2nd Day: Law Dog had his favorite Partner and decided to “gift” his partner 2 partner rows (while looking deeply in Homeboy’s eyes)
3rd Day: Homeboy gifted Partner “Squerkins”  (hold partners ankles for Derkins, after 3 Derkins completed standing partner does 3 squats).
4th Day: Cricket gifted Imperial Squalkers (Kodiak Count, naturally)
5th Day: Misty gifted Crunchy Frogs
6th Day: Manning gifted “Monkey Walkers” (although Manning mysteriously had to leave shortly after giving us all this glorious “gift”)
7th Day: Wham-O gifted Big Boy Mountain Climbers
8th Day: Westside gifted J-Lo (Kodiak Count)
9th Day: Legionnaire gifted “Iron Cross”
10th Day: Bloodhound gifted 10 running Burpees (burpee at each “10” yard line running down field)
11th Day: Babyface gifted Hand Release Merkins (since Homeboy had been in his natural shirtless state for some time it was a way to force him to lay down on the frosty field and experience the cold anew).
Mosey back to the flag before Dori could give the PAX his gift on the 12th Day

Back at the flag for 3 minutes of Mary
Freddie Mercury IC
1 minute plank on your elbows.


Dori shared good news about his recent check up at the doctor was MUCH better than last check up.  He attributes that to F3 and the good group of men in The Kodiak AO.  Way to go Dori!  Keep up the good work sir!
Homeboy shared that his cousin Shane passed away of cancer this past week.  Shane was a husband and father of three young girls.  Please pray for his family as they mourn.
Babyface reminded everyone of new AO launch at Sequoyah HS.  Proposing a reconnaissance beatdown on Tuesday Dec 26.  More info to come….
Since this is a Christmas themed beatdown, YHC reminded everyone of what we celebrate this season.  Explaining that the most powerful word is the word “with“.  Because being alone or lonely or without is the worst feeling in the world.  And the name Emmanuel means “God WITH us”.   God has promised to always be WITH us and Jesus is living, breathing proof of that!

Merry Christmas!

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