Foggy Fifteen Beatdown

When: 12/18/2017

QIC: El Hombre

PAX (): LEGIONAIRE, Dory, Harp, LawDog, BabyFace, Misty, C-4, SpaceBalls, Poulty, Woody, Cricket, TheMole, TitleMax, Wham-O & Hombre

Warm Up: Mosey around the parking lot circling up for 10 counts: SSH, Merkins, Cotton Pickers, Imperial Walkers. As we were warming up, the thick fog made for an excellent back drop to the morning Beatdown.
The Thang: As we were moseying to get it on, BabyFace openly shared that he had opened the track up, and seeing the opportunity to enhance the morning environment by having an exact measure of the running distance we would complete, yours truly diverted the crew to pay our respect to the namesake of our AO by performing our exercises in front of the great GRIZZLY. The work out consisted of 4 sets of 2 exercises 10 reps each running 1 full lap upon completion. Yours truly had a mental lapse forgetting what the first exercise was, still clearing the cob webs from the mind – but recalled what it was instantly as Baby Face came into view passing me on the first lap.
  • Thigh Slappers / V-Ups
  • Star Jumps (how can anyone forget these???) / Clapping Merkins – Don’t you love the color of your palms after these???  Hard to get that track paint off no matter how much you scrub your hands!
  • Switch Lunge Jumps (Kodiak count) / Superman’s (3 Mis-sis-sippi count at the top as an attempt to keep “speedsters” to enjoy the full effect on the lower back muscle group – I did note some very fast 3 Mssprs among the group!)
  • Burpees / Nolan Ryan’s ( aka Side Plank Reaches)
  • Deep Eddy Squats / Mountain Climbers (Kodiak count)
We mixed in Al Gores/Planks/Reverse Planks waiting for the 6 to come in. I must note that everyone was either all foggy due to the hour OR gassed because there really wasn’t much mumbling. (Or maybe I couldn’t hear it from my gasping for air). No threats were shared except at the end. I think LawDog must have been under the weather. The only comments he made were attempts to stall the workout….
After completing the workout we ran back to THE FLAG for some Mary.
  • 10 count HAHA special (reverse plank 4 count jacks)
  • 20 count J-Los led by the unforgettable LawDog
  • 30 count Plank Jacks
  • 25 count extra special sauce Flutter Kicks led by Cricket


  • Prayers for HomeBoy’s family in the loss of his cousin
  • Praise for good health report for Dory from his physical
  • 2F Beer – contact WHAMO!
  • Sequoia AO Dry-Run Dec 26 at 05:30 hrs.

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