Pulte’s got a brand new deck

When: 12/13/2017

QIC: Pulte

PAX (): The Mole, Cricket, Do-si-do, Home Boy, Manning, Wham-O, Legionnaire, Chitwood, Bloodhound, Woody, Babyface, Dory, Law Dog, Westside, Title Max, Spaceballs, Pulte

Despite the 26 degree temperatures 16 faithful men showed up to be a source of encouragement for my VQ. Right out of the gate Bloodhound was kind enough to remind yours truly that I was 17.64 seconds past 5:30 and needed to get going! So…

Mosey across to the middle school where we paused briefly for 10 SSH. We then continued to mosey for a short distance until we stopped again, ever so briefly, for 15 cotton pickers. That was all the warm up we needed as our work out for the day promised to be time consuming.

The Thang
After the brief warm-up, we conveniently found ourselves in a half circle around an intricately designed white board that showed our tasks for the morning. Every man present was to play a role in helping me through this VQ. Sitting next to the white board was a freshly shuffled (and cut) deck of cards. Each Pax would take turns pulling a card and informing the rest of us what our task was. Said Pax would then lead us through the indicated workout. The cards had the following tasks assigned to them…

ALL KODIAK COUNT IN CADENCE – no sissy counting here!

Spades – Merkins
Diamonds – Mt. Climbers
Clubs – Squats
Hearts – LBC’s

Black face cards – 100-yard sprint
Red face cards – 90 seconds of arm circles (45 seconds forwards, 45 seconds backward)

Jokers –
1st Joker – 30 Burpees
2nd Joker – 20 Burpees

As expected this took our entire time together and we still didn’t make it through the deck. With barely 2 minutes to spare we moseyed back to the flag. Once back we attempted to make it through announcements and prayers, but the chatter became incessant and I had to shut it down.

Prayers: Home Boy’s cousin has advanced and aggressive cancer. However, God has already been working in the hard times as Home Boy’s niece accepted Christ and was baptized by her father.

Note: January 2nd – AO Sequoyah is kicking off. Spread the word to your Woodstock, Hickory Flat friends.

I’d like to say thanks for the opportunity to dip a toe into Q world. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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