Down to the Core

When: 12/15/2017

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (): Ibeam, Thumper, Doogie, Squeegee, Bear, Rusty, Conquistador, Percy, Booter, Nomad, Rooney, Sprocket, Crablegs, Smackdown

Strong showing with 15 PAX in attendance at The Wreck. The energy at 5:25 kept YHC’s mind off of the awful chicken consumed during a miserable loss by the hometown Hawks just a few hours previously.

5:30 and we moseyed…for a while.
Nomad was concerned that YHC was almost lost but was reassured after taking the turn around the pond.

3/4 mile later and we circled up

The Warm Up
25ct Flutter
Sprint 70yds
25ct American Hammer
Sprint 70yds
25ct Flutter
Sprint 50yds
25ct American Hammer
Sprint 50yds
We got real warm

The Thang

Partner up with PAX for  Wheelbarrows
Partner A assumes the position and B leads him for 20yds
– 10 Sumo Squats w/ partner
Partner B assumes position and A leads him for 20 yds
– 10 Lunge Jacks w/ partner
Repeat for 200 yds
MARY –  25ct Flutter

Mosey on again…for a while

After circling the park, and YHC almost losing that chicken, we circled up for a round of modified Jack Webbs on the baseball field. Thor edition…all abs
1:4 – BBS and American Hammers
We may have skipped a round or two in our count to 10:40, but no one complained about it.

We left the field and circled up at the flag for YHC’s final act before the weekend. Partner up, head to head in plank while AC/DC gets cranked.
Every time the PAX hear T-N-T, reach out and hit opposite hands with Partner and listen for the Merkin call by YHC. 3 minutes and 34 seconds of pure joy.

1. Continued prayers for Marcus Taylor and wife Elizabeth as they are home with hospice.
2. Slack – get on it. If you need help let us know.
3. Order your Wreck shirt today.
4. Welcome back – Rooney and Conquistador. Glad to have you this am.

Thanks for coming boys

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