Blast from the Past

When: 12/09/2017

QIC: GreenBean

PAX (): Manhole, Mahi Mahi, Greenbean

3 brave men posted at The Shadow for a beautiful winter blast workout.  YHC was unsure anyone would post, as the roads were dicey, however Manhole arrived at 6:59AM, and Mahi Mahi came running in (parked up on Roberts) as we were warming up:

The Thang:

SSH x 15 IC

Low Slow Squat x 15 IC

Windmill x 15 IC

IWs x 15 IC

Rinse & Repeat

Follow me for a tromps around upper baseball field (watch your step!- Manhole promptly stepped on a fence post- were taken down in preparation for the new Austin Elementary site grading- but he was not to be deterred).

At left field corner: Sprint to Snowman- at midfield for:

5 burpees, then sprint another 25 yards for: 10 LBCs, sprint to other side (near 3rd base to plank:

Reverse it.

Mosey to dugout for: step-ups IC x 20

dips IC x 15

one-legged squats x 15

derkins x 10

small arm curls/large arm curls  x 20 IC

rinse & repeat

follow me to rock pile (we saw a nice red fox whom scattered off into the Nature Center) for:

rockees, friend your neighbor after each

arm curls x 15

overhead tri extensions x 15 IC

bent over rows IC x 15

rinse & repeat

follow me to lower baseball field for 2 laps of trompsing around perimeter (cherokee style)- PAX tried to bail after 1 lap, but Q pushed them onwards

mosey back to lower lot for planking, mary: freddie mercury x 15 IC

lunge walking- somewhere…

sprint to field house

back to dugout for jump ups x 15 OYO

11’s: dips & derkins

mosey out to left field again for “sweat” angels: 15 IC

sprint to snowman for 10 burpees, sprint 25 yards for 15 lbcs

sprint to end for planks

Moleskin: Grateful for you men for posting.  Otherwise, I’d have headed back home for fartsacking or playing with kids earlier.

Great coffeeteria at Dunkin Donuts where 1/2 of Dunwoody Station and The Branches were as Starbucks was closed.  Thanks to Mahi for getting photo evidence, and for Manhole to took us out.



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