4 Stations plus a little more

When: 12/08/2017

QIC: Squeegee

PAX (): Yahtzee, MadDog, TP, Grease Monkey, Chelsea, Sprocket, Turbine, Bear, Nomad, Smackdown, Thumper

The cold and threat of snow did not scare 12 PAX from posting for a Friday beat down.  YHC was ready to repay these brave PAX with a proper workout.


Mosey to the upper parking lot for a quick warm-up.  YHC is getting old and has to stretch out his legs and back before a workout.

– 15 Side straddle hop
– 15 Imperial Walkers
– 10 Cotton Pickers

The Thang

First Station:  Mosey to the playground to do five rounds of Murph.

Each round is:
– 10 Pullups
-20 Merkin
-30 Squats

PAX pushed hard and finished up quickly.  PAX lead Mary as the six finished.

Second Station: Mosey to Mr. Hill for a quick round of simple seven.  Started at the bottom with 1 Big Boy sit-up, then Bernie Sander(backwards) up the hill for 6 diamond Merkins.   PAX completed the session of seven and then planked at the top until the six came in.

Third Station: Mosey to the football field for some four corners.  YHC introduced shoulder taps for the first corner.  The plan was to do 20 Shoulder Taps, 30 Monkey Humpers, 40 J-Los, and 50 LCB for each corner.  Each exercise was built on each other in each new corner.   YHC failed to recognize either has own strength or difficultly of the Shoulder Taps and made an audible to decrease the first corner from 20 to 15.  At the second corner, YHC started to think about corner 4 on the 5th Shoulder Tap and called another audible to decrease to 10.  Corner 3 was 10/30/40 and Corner 4 was 10/30/40/50.  PAX finished back at the first corner for a round of Mary as the six came in.

Fourth Station: Mosey to the stadium steps for the last round.  PAX lined up on the bottom stadium step for a cycle of:

– 10 Derkins
– 15 Dips
– 20 Calf raises

Completed rounds of 15/20/25, 20/25/30 and a last round of 15/20/25.

A little more:  Mosey to the football parking lot.  Lined up at the far building for a race back to the flag.  Race included 10 Merkins to start, then 10 Merkins at the gate and a final 10 Merkins at the playground.  Bear and Thumper took the lead and disappeared quickly in the gloom.

PAX made it back at 6:15 sharp for a clean finish.


  • Saturday trail run will start at 7:30
  • Sprocket’s M is feeling better and on the rebound.  Thankful for the support and prayers
  • Bear has a longtime friend fighting a long battle with cancer.  Prayers of strength and support for him
  • Crazy Love after workout

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