The Karate PAX

When: 11/29/2017

QIC: Woody

PAX (): Dory, Legionnaire, Babyface, Chitwood, The Mole, Law Dog, Manning, Pigeon, Cricket, Misty, Harp, Wham-o, Naty Lite, Spaceballs, Westside, Swisher, Banjo, TitleMax

19 PAX showed up on Wednesday morning for my VQ, but I was ready, fresh out of Lawdog’s Q School. I came prepared with some oldies but goodies and some new exercises to keep everyone on their toes. We had a special martial arts theme with tributes to Bruce Lee and The Karate Kid.

Warm Up

We did a mosey around the parking lot to get everyone limber for what lay ahead. Got things started with 15 of SSH, 15 Windmill, and 15 Imperial Walkers.

The Thang

Moseyed to the stadium and met at the goal line.

Plank Hurdles

Split up into groups of 5. Everyone in plank in the end zone while first guy ran to the 10 YD line and dropped into plank. Second guy hurdled over the first guy and planked at the 20, and so on until everyone was in the other end zone.

Good thing we did this one at the beginning, because our legs may not have propelled us over the bodies of our compadres otherwise. Thankfully no one was crushed.

Black Jack Stadiums (aka card game of leg pain)

Split everyone between the two bleachers. I noticed some HIMs chose the home team side, opting for more steps.

Started with 1 Dip at the bottom, run up to the top, 20 squats, run back down, then do 2 Dips, back up for 19 squats, and so on until we finished with 20 dips and 1 squat (always adding up to 21, Black Jack!)

In the words of Babyface, “my legs hate everything about this morning.”

Bruce Lee

Just to make sure our abs didn’t feel left out after the stadiums, we did a set of Bruce Lee’s ab workout: 20 reps of 6 ab exercises (kodiak cnt):

1. American Hammer
2. Leg raises
3. LBC’s
4. Heel Touches
5. Crunchy Frog
6. Reverse LBC’s

Recovered with a lap around the track

The Finish

Just in case we didn’t do enough legs, we finished with Walk Like an Egyptian (similar to an Indian run but holding lunges while the PAX at the back runs to the front) and then moseyed to the flag to finish with 15 Daniel-Sons (with a karate kick at the end for good measure).


Prayer requests for Bloodhound’s doctor appointment and his daughter’s arm. Prayer for Whamo’s daughter as well. I shared a brief thought from 1 Timothy 6 about how we are called to fight the good fight of faith, pursuing righteousness, goodness, and love instead of giving into our natural inclinations and how we can lean on one another as men — we’re not alone in the fight.

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