Always a Warmup

When: 12/07/2017

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Special K, Devito, Radar, Mufasa, Krueger, Saban, Spandex, Scar, Nacho Libre, Bayside, Jackelope, Miller Time

It’s a great time of year to put work in outside when everyone else is scared .  No wind and high 30’s greeted us this morning for what YHC threatened to be 45 minutes of warm up exercises.  That may have scared the witches away but that plan was not meant to be today.  Instead we brought headlamps and headed OTP for some miles.  We started with the first leg of the Murpee Mile hitting the normal stops for burpees and varied mercan reps.  After gathering the six, we instead headed east on Milton to the old track (thanks to Dosi for the updated beta on it’s viability).  Oh, we did stop in the track parking lot on the way for 30 SSH’s – (YHC never forgets to do a warmup).

Once we got to the track bleachers, we paired up and while partner A did stairs, Partner B did a lap followed by a reunion for 20 partner derkins.  Flip flop and repeat x 2.

Next we lined up on the sideline for a Bear Crawl to one side and cheetah run back to the starting point.  After a brisk mosey back to the Mercan Mile corner, we reversed our original Murpee leg and then back to the flag for some MARY of various AB burning delight.


Prayer’s for Spandex’s neighbor Kelly
Praise for Scar’s impending US citizenship after 9 years


Discussion of a 2nd F next Thursday – Location to be determined
Spandex with the three words a Q loves to hear….. “That was brutal”

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