Not cold enough…yet

When: 12/06/2017

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Lawdog, Manning, DD, Wham-o, Bloodhound, Westside, Misty, C-4, The Mole, Naty Lite, Harp, Cricket, Legionnaire, Hombre, Spaceballs, Woody, Pulte, & Dori

It was cold this morning.  Not as cold as it is going to be, but cold just the same.  But the fartsack be damned.  We had 20 HIMs pulled themselves for the comfort of their M’s and coziness of their sheets and take the DRP to come out and make themselves better and more importantly make the men around them better.  Now 20 pulled into the parking lot in the gloom prior to 5:30 am, but one found himself having to exit early due impart to a scheduling conflict with his gastrointestinal tract.  We wished him well with his upcoming meeting on the porcelain throne and what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a Lawdog pulling in.  Seeing Lawdog pull in made YHC very aware that the hour had arrived for the fun to begin so we hit the ground running.

Warm Up:

  • We did a long mosey to pick up Lawdog and to get the blood sufficiently pumping for the days events before landing at the back of the school for a quick set of 15 of SSH, 10 Windmill, and 15 Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:

Next we lined up on the hills for a round of 11’s: Start with 1 T-Merkin at the bottom of the hill and 10 Star Jumps at the top.  Amazingly the hill seemed to actually get longer with each round, not sure if it was a trick of the brain or strange reminet attractive force of Mondays super moon, but YHC swears that hill grew.  Eventually, like all things the 11’s ended and it was time for our next set of fun.  We partnered up for some Dora with 100 Hand release merkins, 200 Big Boy Situps, and 300 Stargazer Squats.  As one member worked the other pax ran to the end of the bus lanes and back.  After the extended amount of T-Merkins, the hand release variety seemed especially fun and every PAX was very encouraging as to how much they enjoyed them.  Gents, you may have loved them during the workout, but once you got home and your M saw how pumped your chest looked this am…well YHC will just say your welcome. (I imagine if Homeboy is reading this right now a small tear ran down his cheek hearing about all this pumped up chest talk he missed out on.)  We finished up this round of fun with just enough time to mke it back to the flag and count off.  Somewhere during the fun Manning and DD had to step out, not sure if they had some porcelain meetings this morning as well, but we enjoyed the time we had together.



  • Prayers for a speedy and easy recovery for Bloodhounds 2.0 Zoey who had a rod placed in her forearm yesterday
  • Prayers for Crickets mom who is going down to Emory for some more doctors visits
  • Prayers for those of us traveling to Florida this weekend for safe travels and not die on the course during the race


  • T-Claps to Lawdog this morning keeping the good times rolling with consistent Mumble chatter and high fives all around.  Just a heads up, don’t try to skip out on giving Lawdog a high five, he will hunt you down.
  • Great job by the PAX as a whole.  It is great to see so many guys consistently showing up and getting stronger.  Proud of all of you that come out and hold me accountable.
  • Special shout out to Harp, who I partnered with today.  Dude works hard, Think I overheard him talking about running is neighborhood too, which is more than a little hilly.  T-Claps to you man

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