Burpee Lunges and Other Fun

When: 12/06/2017

QIC: Sunshine

PAX (): Pothole, IHOP, Stay Puff, Roll Tide, Ha-ha, Nacho Libre and Sunshine

December is dark.  And cold. And wet and breezy.  And with no lights at the Caney Creek AO its really dark.  But 7 HIMs showed up for a beatdown by NLB PAX Sunshine.  But is there enough juice in Sunshine to warm us up?

We started out with a fast two lap circuit of the parking lot and went outside the picnic shelter for COP:


Cotton Pickers


All IC.

Then back to the parking lot for Dora:





Exercise while your partner takes a lap around the parking lot then flapjack.

After planking for the 6 Sunshine pull out the pain stick: Burpee lunges. One lunge each leg then a burpee.  Rinse and repeat all the way around the parking lot loop.  Have I given you my take on why tall people are not good at burpees?  Shutup, I don’t want to hear about Miller Time and how quick he is.  I’m tall, that has to be it.

After the loop it was time for Mary:

Hold 6 inches


Flutter kicks

Merkins (more!?)

Dieing Cockroach

Box Cutters

Maybe more but I think I blacked out.

Sunshine did indeed bring the heat and warmed us up on a cold, breezy, wet, dark morning.  But it’s always good to be in the gloom with your brothers.


Prayers for people fighting sickness

Praise for NLB resident who has returned after leaving the program early


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