The Last Fall Beatdown – Bring on the Cold!

When: 12/05/2017

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Scout, Seles, Fireballs, Leon, Madoff, Mahi Mahi, Novocaine,Rambo, Switch, Rubber Cheese, Bum

An even dozen enjoined the beatdown at DHS this AM. We even had the Newell Rubbermaid boys  (Rubber Cheese and Switch). YHC felt blessed to lead such a crew, and as we were all still reeling from Seles’ CrowdPleaser on Saturday, today’s evolution was sponsored by the Quadriceps muscle.

Warm-O-Rama: All IC (1st x20 and then x15) – SSH, Windmills, Imperial Walkers and Squats

The Thang: (Borrowed from F3 Orlando) 10 Minutes of funning and running. We went from curb to curb and on each end, 20 SSH or 20 Arm Raises (it’s amazing how much those hurt)

Lunge walk from curb to curb, drop and do flutter kicks (x25 IC), pop tall and 25 squats OYO followed by an all out sprint (x2)

Circle up for 6 minutes of Mary: (all IC and x20) Low Dolly, Mason Twist, High Dolly, LBC, Flutter Kick and Obliques to each side

Mosey to the benches by the main entrance (x2 and IC) 20 step ups and 10 dips

Mosey to the magic corner for wall sits (x2) 60 seconds each

Jail Break run back to the trailers. Lunge walk to the far curb.

One round of 50,75, Sprint.

COT – Seles took us out.

Announcements – Congrats to Madoff’s daughter on scholarship. Mark your calendar for a DropIn at Leon’s on the 23rd of December. Details to follow.

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