Backblast – 11/30/2017 – DHS

When: 11/30/2017

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Moses, Sleeper, Bum, MahiMahi, Novocaine, Leon, Rambo

This is going to off, as i don’t remember all of it, nor who was there, but i need to get it out. I am pretty confident that there were 8 of us.

Warm-O-Rama (It was all IC and all X20, 2 rounds) SSH, Imperial Walkers, Sumo Squats, only 10 merkins

Mosey, along the parking lot, down to the baseball fields, and over to the track. (Once we found out how to get in) mosey around to the bleachers for some partner work. OYO and paired off – 3 sets each CliffHanger Merkins and Cliffhanger Dips

Back to the track – Run the straights, jog the curves, but at each transition do stuff OYO – 10 Merkins, 20 Prisoner Squats, 30 SSH, 40 Flutterkicks (x2)

Mosey to the black top (or Blue) for some Mary. It was all IC and all X20 – And there was alot of it. Flutter Kicks, LBC, Oblique Left, Oblique Right, ABC, More Flutter Kicks

Mosey up to the Smoking Corner for some wall sits (x2)

Jail break run to the picnic tables (Step ups and Dips) (IC and x10)x3

Mosey to the parking lot for 50,75, Sprint (x3)

Flutter Kicks (IC x10)

COT – Pretty confident Rambo took us out. (I think)

Pretty sure i got everyone, but sound off if i missed you.

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