Spartan Super

When: 12/02/2017

QIC: Bloodhound

PAX (): Homeboy, Misty, Titlemax, The Mole, Legionnaire, Bloodhound, Cricket, Whammo, Babyface, Manning, Space Ball’s, Yogi

12 PAX decided to show up and play this beautiful Saturday morning out on the Gridiron.

Warm up:

Mosey out to the Gridiron and pick up our little helpers (aka sand babies)

20 SSH

15 Cherry pickers

60 seconds of stretching


Spartan Super

3 sets of 10

Set 1:

Pair up, piggyback your friend to the 50-yard line then switch, and continue to the goal line. Perform 10 merkins then head back to the start line piggybacking. Rinse and repeat 10 times.

Set 2:

Pair up, 1 person carries both sandbags to the goal line while the other runs and do 10 merkins. The other person returns the sandbags to the start. Rinse and repeat 10 times.

Set 3:

Everyone runs to the goal line and perform 10 Burpees then run back. Rinse and repeat 10 times.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time and only completed one of these.



  • Looking to have a 2nd F this Wednesday night at Stout’s in downtown Canton.
  • Babyface, West Side, and Bloodhound have a Spartan Beast this weekend.
  • We have some races that were looking at for 2018. Let me or Babyface know if you’re interested so we can post them.

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