No room at the field…

When: 12/02/2017

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Swiper, Miller Time, Do-Si-Doh, Sneakers, Moonshine, Boomer, Mayhem, Saban, Saint 2.0

Just like Mary and Joseph who were told that there was no room at the Inn, this morning’s crew of Widowmaker PAX received a similar response when attempting to enter one of our standard fields.  We knew that Wise Men bearing gifts would be a stretch, so we opted for the audible…

Mosey down the gravel path to the facility building for warm-up’s- all IC:


Cotton Mills


The Thang:

Head to the coupon pile for a withdrawal and then back to the upper baseball fields.  Padlocked gates left us working along the sidewalk path, but still plenty of holiday spirit for…”the 12 days of Christmas!”

“On the first day of Christmas, my Q gave to me….”

A sprint to the end of the path

2 Star jumps

3 Goblet Squats

4 Burpees

5 Rock V-up’s

6 Monkey Humpers

7 Overhead Presses

8 Plank Jacks

9 Rock curls

10 LBC’s

11 Skull Crushers

12 Diamond Mercans

Just like the song, you start at one, add an exercise with each verse, and run back through the whole list before moving to the next!

Quick 10 count after this holiday cheer and then we stayed at the concession building for Peoples Chair and a Balls 2 the Wall Challenge with a burpee payment owed based on the gap between the 2nd to last PAX to fall and the last.  In typical fashion, it came down to Do-Si-Doh and Miller Time with MT outlasting by a favorable 8 seconds!

Next to the playground for partner exercises with rocks (curls, OHP, SK) and swerkins alternating 2 sets of 20 each and a final set of 15.

Off to the picnic area for some dips, step up’s and jump ups and then return the coupons and head to the flag for some round robin Mary;


Prayers for Do-Si-doh’s grandfather and family as they are with him through illness

Reminder to bring proper gear as temps drop to ensure you are taking care of yourself and that we keep our numbers up through the winter months

Prayers for YHC as he manages through a home sale in SC.


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