Welcome to the Jungle

When: 11/29/2017

QIC: Chelsea

PAX (): I-Beam, The Big Short, Sleeper, Racquet, Hattrick, Polaroid, Rusty, Grease Monkey, Squeegee, Windex, GOAT, Switch, TP, Bronco, Sprocket, Mad Dog, Virginia Slim, Doogie, Aflac, Bear

Great, misty start to a post on Wednesday with an improved showing from the PAX. YHC was encouraged to make sure no one left refreshed!

0530 and we mosey to the pond for an immediate start

The Thang

Partner up – 2 men and a coupon (OAK) – Both begin a CC lap with 1 running forward and 2 running backwards with log in tow. When 1 laps 2 both PAX drop for 10 burpees. Swap positions and repeat. Next lap requires 9 burpees etc…

We used the first 38 minutes or so for about 5 reps (+/-1) and YHC called an end to the laps with LBCs to bring in the weary PAX. Dropped the coupons that Sprocket so graciously provided and moseyed back to the flag to finish the beatdown.

Short round of flutter kicks and hip rockers courtesy of iBeam and Bear, and YHC brought out the bluetooth to transport PAX to “The Jungle”. While GNR serenaded us with Welcome to the Jungle, PAX were doing SSH with “jungle” triggering a burpee. YHC called 2 respite planks during the 4 minute 38 second and finished the round with what seemed like “jungle” on repeat.

Surely that was the end of the beatdown, but to the disbelief of many, we had 5 glorious minutes for Mary. Pick your routine for 10 reps and we finished strong after (in no particular order):
Merkins x2
Peter Parkers
Imperial Walkers
Diamond Merkins
Arm Raises
American Hammers

IF there were others then the lack of oxygen prevents the memory from sticking.


  • Congrats to the PAX for hitting 20+
  • Saturday trail run will be used for Helenback training 4/14/18
  • Sprocket’s M having scheduled surgery this week
  • Thumper’s bruises…
  • Coworker of Hattrick passed away unexpectedly this week

Chelsea out ->

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