Sayed’s Board of Pain

When: 11/29/2017


PAX (): Ha Ha, Moonshine, Stay Puft, Roll Tide, Sunshine, iHoP, TO

A cool mist greeted seven Pax at 0515 this morning at Caney Creek.  A workout posted on the Vodafone internal social media platform by a possible future founder of F3 in India was the inspiration for the morning’s beatdown.  YHC arrived a bit early and had his anxiety of no pax showing relieved when the familiar silhouette of Ha Ha’s vehicle pulled in.  Shortly thereafter the NLB van arrived so we gathered at the pavilion and had a brief overview of the morning’s events and moseyed around the parking lot for two laps before circling up at the bike rack

Warm Up:  SSH, Imperial Walker and Cotton Picker

The Thang:

We followed a list of exercises where we would do each exercise continuously for 30 seconds, then take a lap around the parking lot and go back to hit the next exercise on the list.  It was purposefully meant to be self paced so the Pax would not be help back by a Q who is still getting used to the mesh repair in his lower abs.  Regardless of the self paced approach, the Pax decided to stick together.  Gotta love this group.  Here is the list we worked through nearly twice.

SSH, Wall Sit, Merkins, LBCs, Step Ups, Squats, Tricep Dips, Plank, Lunges, Rotational Merkins, Left Side Plank, Right Side Plank, repeat…

We finished with some Mary with IHoP, Sunshine and Roll Tide taking us out with Planks, Box Cutters and something else I can’t remember at this point in the day.


Prayers for a friend at NLB in ICU and for Emeril who just had his knee surgery and will hopefully recover and be back soon.  Fantastic news on Rolltide’s upcoming graduation from NLB.  Huge accomplishment.  He will be looking for work and is skilled in construction, carpentry, cabinet making, logistics and restaurant.  Please DM me or reply to this tweet if you have a line on possible jobs.  YHC is really thankful to have a quick recovery and be back with this group.

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