When: 11/30/2017

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Wiz, Snake, Dory, Swiper, Olaf, Ruben, Clyde

With the anxiety of the big game fast approaching for this UGA fan, YHC decided to take the Q and some aggression out on the unsuspecting PAX of 7 this morning in the gloom.

While some are still recovering from the gluttony of the Thanksgiving Holiday and others are already in the Christmas spirit.  My sole focus is the SEC Championship.  While I tell myself to never get my hopes up because it will hurt in the end, and as a lifelong Braves, Falcons, UGA, Hawks, and now that the United have decided to join the soul crushing playoff loss club, fan I feel I am very justified.  Here I am again…… BELIEVING  at least I was until a few weeks ago when my Dawgs ran into a buzzsaw at the home of the Tiger, or is it Eagles, no the Plainsmen…I can never figure that out.  Now we get that ever elusive second chance and I made sure the Big Creek did not forget this morning.


Mosey for some Quick warm-ups:

SSH X 17
Cotton Mills X 17

On to the playground for an Auburn Beatdown

Howling Monkeys – 4 rounds of 10 reps
Ollie North – around playground
Woolly Warm X 40

Burpees X 40
Outlaws X 40
Underdawgs X 40
Toe Touch Crunches X 40

Tricep Dips X 40
Hillbillies X 40
Elo’ s X 40
Monkey Drills X 40

Dan Taylor’s X 17
Auburn Ass Kicker X 40
World War I S/U X 17
Gorilla Humpers X 40
Swerkins X 40

Indian Run back to Flag


Freddie Mercury X 17
Flutter X 17


Prayers for KerryOn Johnson’s injury to be bad enough to keep him out of game..  Just kidding I would never wish someone hurt…….. but……….

Talk of joint second F possibly at out AO away from home Cherry Street Brewery with our neighbors at the Kodiak.

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