Top 5 Ever

When: 11/28/2017

QIC: Foghorn

PAX (): DoSiDo, Crack, Foghorn

In the battle of who can deliver the most brutal beating at the newly-minted Witch and the Wardrobe (cuz the Lions are already provided, YHC believes), today’s installment clearly ranks in at least the top 5 ever performed at this AO. The OGs were on site by 5:30, and off they went.


The Thang:

Travel through the new East of Main development to a little-known pass-through from Cricket to Cumming, which has a nice little half-pipe hill.¬†6’s down and to top of pipe, down and back to other side. ¬†Remainder of the route took us in a full circle around downtown, but I won’t bore you with the details that you won’t read anyways, ending with an all-outer back to the Publix parking lot, the PAX earning extra credit by coming in a full minute past 6:15.

3.7 miles in all, with the Q feeling disappointed to be leaving .3 miles short of a 4 mile target. Truly, this workout looks to be more like 3-4 miles on average, at least until #thatsomebody blows the lid off this thing as we get faster. Only a matter of time.


Prayers for healing and health, for peace with job situations.


Honestly too much to summarize in this BB, and the beating leaves your mind in a tailspin.





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