Well looks like I’m Qing

When: 11/25/2017

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Banjo, Westside, Lawdog, Yogi, Sargent Slaughter, Woody, Title Max, Play-dogh, Cricket, The Mole, Manning, Misty, Dori, and Hombre

It was about 7pm last night as we were hanging around the fire pit at Bloodhounds house that the YHC found out that he was going to be Qing this morning.  Through an unfortunate fall by Bloodhounds youngest 2.0, YHC was pretty certain that he would be taking up the role which was confirmed a short while later as the packed her into the truck and headed to the hospital.  So YHC new that it was not going to be a complicated beatdown, but it was going to need to be hard enough to work off the holiday meals and last an hour.  So here is what went down:

The Warm Up:

Short Mosey then circle up for a combination of SSH, Cotton Pickers, and Imperial Walkers

The Thang:

We performed an escalator stopping at each quarter mile post Starting with 5 Burpees

THen 5 BUrpees and 10 Merkins

THen add 15 MOnkey Humpers

Then add  Squats

Then add  Shoulder taps

Then add Big Boy Sit ups

And since we hit the last post…..Time to go back down the escalator, taking exercises off as we go in reverse order

It was on the way back that the mumble chatter from Lawdog, a much missed aspect of the recent beatdowns came on strong in his critique of the Q’s Squats.  YHC is thankful that Lawdog was present to hold him accountable to get his form better.  We all need to have each others back holding us all accountable, thanks Lawdog.

Once we finished the last post we moseyed back past the flag and circled up to play with the Q’s Deck:

Hearts – Merkins

Diamonds – Big boy sit ups

Club – Squats (So I could continue to work on form)

Spade – Monkey humpers – you need to spade your monkeys if you are going to have them hump that much

We placed the deck in the middle of the circle and each man took turns pulling a card and leading the count pulled.  Lot of face cards in that deck.


Prayers for Bloodhound as well as his little girl, Zoey


1 more day to place an order for a Kodiak Shirt

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