The Penguin Can Jump!

When: 11/22/2017

QIC: GreenBean

PAX (): ABC, Dr. Dolly, Nougat, Reggie, Gumby, Pascal, Morphine, GreenBean, Screech, The Penguin

YHC led 10 faithful PAX, including 1 2nd time poster, J.P. James (aka The Penguin).  At HotTinRoof, an FNG must return before getting a nickname.  YHC was feeling run down from a weekend of F3 posting a debauchery in Caesar’s Head, SC, and posting Tuesday (bad idea), but I had the Q and no time to bail.  Glad to see the 3 Stooges/Clown Car crew (ABC, Dr. Dolly & Nougat), all back in action, ready for some pre-turkey beatdown.


SSH IC x 15

MC’s IC x 15

IW’s IC x 25

Low-Slow Squats IC x 15

Merkins IC x 5 (then 15, then 10 on the rinse & repeat x 2)

The Thang:

Circle up next to movie truck (pulled into RedLot right in front of me at 5:30AM- filming a TV series in area).  Partner up for:  Partner 1 run to pull-up bars: max or 10 pull-ups, while Partner 2 does squats.  Round 2: Partner 1 runs to pull-up bars for 10 burpee pull-ups- while Partner 2 does sumo squats.

Follow me to Horse Park Lot for: Merkin/Derkin Century! Solid work by Nougat.

Follow me to Tennis platform for Mary:

Mason Twist x 15

LBCs x 15 (saw a shooting star!)- not the first time I’ve seen one here

ABCs x 15

Low Dollys x 15

Follow me to Rock Wall on Wieuca for 11’s: Jump-Ups/Derkins.  What was I thinking?  Solid work from The Penguin- especially for his 2nd time out.

Mosey over to Galloway Hill by pool for Stone Mtn.s IC x 15

50% run to 1st light pole

Warrior Lunge IC x 10

Broad Jumps OYO x 10

Mosey to Galloway Blue Turf for: (PAX was lucky ground was under repair!).

Audible mosey’d back to lady’s tees by Amphitheater.  Line up for: Backwards run up to crosswalk

To steps for calf raises:

Regular x 15, TIHO x 15, TOHI x 15

Still more time left on the clock.  Circle up for Mary:

Dying Cockroaches IC x 15, Low Flutter x 15, High Dolly IC x 15,  Heels To Heaven x 15, J-Lo’s x 7 (bad idea on pavement!), High Flutter x 15, Freddy Mercury’s x 15, Box-Cutters x 15

Burpees OYO x 10


Gumby took us out.

Moleskin: Great to welcome Morphine’s friend, The Penguin.  Originally from Pittsburgh.  Honored to Q with you men.  Glad to hear 80% coffee attendance. Happy Thanksgiving.


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