The Pilgrim PAX PAINSgiving Celebration!

When: 11/22/2017

QIC: Dory

PAX (): Cricket, The Mole, Whamo, Homeboy, Hombre, Manning, Westside, Harp, Misty, Titlemax, NatyLite, Babyface, Bloodhound

Given the time of year and it being my VQ today’s beatdown had a Thanksgiving theme.  Where my creativity lacked the PAX stepped in with some good mumble chatter to keep the theme alive.

Warm Up:

  • “Second Helping Hops” (aka SSH) x 15 IC
  • IW (there was some mumble chatter about a Star Wars marathon on T-Day) x 15 IC
  • Windmill (Pilgrims needed wind in their sails) x 15 IC

The Thang:

Right off the bat an audible was needed as the wrestling team was gathering in the same area we were going to use. No problem, we kept up the mosey and headed to the bus parking lot. There we “Loaded the Mayflower” (aka Loading the Bus) by running to farthest bus parking spot (of which there are 27),  do 10 merkins, then run back to the starting position. Run to 26, do 10 LBC’s, run to start. Run to 25, do 10 Monkey Humpers, run back to start. This went on for a while as we waited for the wrestling bus to leave but that didnt happen. I guess I need to do a better job coordinating with Banjo next time.  However, the heckling between BabyFace and Banjo provided some welcome encouragement. Audible at spot 5 to plank up and wait for the 6.  A short Mary ensued with some “Turkey Leg” flutter kicks.

Since the Pilgrims were known for their basket weaving, we honored their skills via a “Duck and Weave” for two complete rounds.  Mumble chatter was heard as thighs began to burn and some of the pax didnt keep the spacing wide enough which caused the 6 to get a bit personal at times.

After that we moseyed to the the benches between the tennis courts for 2 rounds of modified “Aiken Turkey Legs” with 15 Squats, 15 Box Jumps, 20 forward lunges (10 ea side), 15 Split Jacks (Kodiak Count).  Al Gores were enjoyed while waiting on the 6.

A quick mosey back to the Shovel Flag where Manning  helped with some Fwd & Back Monkey Humpers and the PAX interpreted the slightest inflection of his tone at the 10 count to call it quits. Westside contributed a (name unknown) F3GrowRuck merkin / ankle touch to finish off the beatdown!

COT & Name-o-rama:

  • Prayers for Cricket and his mother
  • Good to have Bloodhound back in action


  • Opportunities continue at Kodiak Island to help setup the “Lights of Hope” displays over the next couple of days
  • Flag football at Webb Bridge Park hosted by the Widowmaker at 7AM Thanksgiving Day

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