I Do (beat downs) by 31 Degrees

When: 11/20/2017


PAX (): Sprocket, Rusty, Doogie, Squeegee, Chelsea, Polaroid, Aflac

8 PAXs braved the Wreck’s first sub freezing temperature (31 degrees) to start the week out with a beat down.  No one was at the Wreck with about 2-3 minutes to go before workout so QIC got excited that he may get to go jump back in the fart sack before cars showed up and broke his heart.

The Warm up:

Each time Lou Gramm said “Cold as Ice” in Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice”  –we did a Burpee.  During the rest of the song we did a minute of side straddle hops, 1 minute of toy soldiers, and 1 minute of squats.

The magic number was 31 for the day in honor of the Wreck’s lowest recorded temperature.

We went about 1.5 miles around the park stopping every 100 yards or so to do a different workout.

The Thang

Workout included but not in this order:

  • 2 rounds of 31 Merkins
  • 1 round of Carolina Dry Docs
  • 1 round of decline merkins
  • 1 round of diamond merkins
  • 1 round of wide arm merkins
  • 1 round of big boy situps
  • 1 round of LBCs
  • 1 round of flutter kicks
  • 1 round of american hammers
  • 1 round of dying coachroaches
  • 2 rounds of dips
  • 1 round of squats
  • 1 round of jump squats
  • 1 round of prisoner squats
  • 1 round left leg step ups
  • 1 round right leg step ups
  • 1 round alternating step ups
  • 1 round calf raises left leg
  • 1 round calf raises right leg
  • 2 rounds of Monkey Humpers
  • 1 round burpees
  • Aflac asked for extra work so he did a round of derkins


Partnered up with one person on the ground holding their partners ankles.  The person on the ground raised their legs up to the hands of the person standing.  The standing person tried to push the legs down to the ground, while the person laying on the ground tries to stop his legs from touching the ground and then brings them back up.  Each person did 15 of these.  (Can we name these the Weinstein? or is this already named)?

We did 31 Freddie Mercurys and 31 American hammers.

Prayer Request for Sprockets family

When naming the workout, 31 degrees sounded a lot like 98 degrees so QIC googled their songs.  Believe it or not, they and their videos are actually worse than you probably remember.

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