When: 11/20/2017

QIC: Hombre

PAX (): NettiLite, Misty, C-4, Woody, Manning, TitleMax, HASBRO, Pulte, Harp, Catnip, Banjo, Dori, Cricket, The Mole, SpaceBalls

Started promptly at 5:30 by my watch, although The Mole said I went off early!  Happy to see 16 made it out of the comforts for a Beatdown at 30 degrees and concerned for the fartsackers who were still in town but couldn’t manage to lift themselves from their flea bags.  We began by “moseying” around the parking lot to the warm up spot for a cadence of 20 SSH and 10 TRAVOLTA’s each side for Manning to reach for the stars.  Then run around to THE SPOT where the painfest began after partnering up. 


  • 20 PARTNER ROWS coupled with 20 MIKE TYSON’S rinse and repeat 3 rounds: the crew fully accepted this as an excellent method to destroy the biceps in preparation to take the Mrs to the GUN SHOW.   Only mumble was the pain endured – LawDog/HomeBoy were not present to corrupt the “righteous”.   Reverse Planks with leg raises while the 6 came in. Then mosey around the cars to recover.

2nd CIRCUIT:  one partner watches other complete the first exercise prior to beginning to provide a staggered start and a moment for recovery for the circuits to follow.

  • 20 BIG BOY MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS / 20 SPIDER-MAN PUSH-UPS / 20 BEAR CRAWLS  jogging back to the start and rinse and repeat for 3 rounds.   This sequence proved to be a muscle scorcher.   Al Gore’s for the 6.  Upon completion performed another jog around the vehicles ensuring no vandals approached our fleet in the wee hours – but of course they wouldn’t dare get out of the fartsack to mess with the crew at THE KODIAK!


  • 10 STATIONARY FROG HOPS / 10 WIDE MERKINS / 10 BURPEE BROAD JUMPS jogging back to the respective parking spots rinse and repeat for 3 sets with planks for the 6.  Several posters recanted their friendships with yours truly.  NettiLite mentioned something about mental therapy.   But another quick jog around the cars seemingly calmed the chatter and the ill will only to be fueled again by the:


  • 40 yard sprints in 2 groups for 6 rounds.  All mumble ceased on this one, just loud gasping sounds clearly coming from lungs being taxed to full capacity at cold temperatures.

No enthusiastic sprinting to the flag, just a slow dragging noise made by shoes as we semi-moseyed back to the flag to end the punishment wit a special time with Mary:

  • plank bird dogs, flutter kicks, LBCs, American hammers, box cutters and finished with some monkey humpers.


  • prayers for all who are traveling and good reunions with family and friends
  • Cricket’s mom’s Drs appointment today
  • BloodHounds continued recovery from procedure – clarity on next steps.  
  • BANJO’s wife’s car had mechanical failure – for peace and wisdom on getting repaired/replaced.  

Check out the full Psalm.  How many times does it say His love endures FOREVER?  “Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.”

Psalms 136:26 ESV

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