Rockin with the Merpee Mile

When: 11/16/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Nacho, Zima, Saban, Spandex, Special K, Radar, Mayham, Turbine, Devito

We had 9 PAX out for a mildly cool morning, perfect for a beatdown. Warmup was so short it doesn’t deserve a section. IC SSH, imperial walkers and windmills … 90 seconds or less and on to beatdown.

The Thang

We started the morning off with the merpee mile. Gathered back together at each corner with flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury and LBCs for the 6. Next we ran to the rock pile, picked a medium-large coupon and lined up at one end of the parking lot. Partner up for a rock DORA. On partner runs the length of the lot while the other works on 100 skull crushers, 200 curls and 300 squats. LBCs for the 6.

Next up on your six for alternating sets of rock-ups and chest presses. OYO reps 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5. We dropped the rocks back to the pile and returned to the near corner of the lot. 4 corners with 25 reps of flutter kicks, American hammers, Freddy Mercury and big boy sit-ups. Gather the 6 and repeat once more with 15 reps at each corner. With that, time was up.

COT / Moleskin

Prayers for those in our crew needing healing and encouragement.

Widowmaker Q is open the Saturday if anyone wants to step up or split.

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