Law Dog’s Q School Beatdown

When: 11/15/2017

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Swisher, Cricket, Manning, Westside, Babyface, Hombre, C4, Spaceballs, Legionnaire, Harp, The Proxy (FNG), Homeboy, Dori, The Mole, Woz, Woody, Natty Lite, Misty, Hasbro, and Law Dog

One of the core principles states “F3 workouts are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.” The Kodiak Pax has been posting consistent numbers with regulars who have been around for a while. With Manning stepping up to for his VQ recently and immediately jumping back into it for his second Q, YHC decided it was time to get some of the “regulars” geared up to get their VQ on. By regulars, I mean everyone who posted today that has yet to experience the sweet joy of leading a bunch of sweaty men around a high school in the early hours of the Gloom. Just ask Manning how good it feels!!!  I also mean some of the more experienced men who just needed to reminisce on the first time.  So time for Law Dog’s first semi annual Q school beatdown.  Here is what went down.

5:30 sharp mosey around the parking lot picking up Spaceballs and Hombre along the way. Cricket was actually here 3 minutes early. Line up near the start of Route 66 for a Circle of Pain Suicide Routine. Apparently the Pax was confused about what the suicide entailed, I will just remind them, YHC called a COP Suicide, not to be confused with the traditional suicide or a Hombre suicide where you always face southwest. (Ok. Maybe a little Honeypotting from YHC during intitial instructions). YHC gave a disclaimer to the FNG and told the Pax to be ready to call out an exercise when put on the spot. After a few exercises in the COP run to the last light pole of Route 66 and back. Continued in this fashion until the end of the beatdown working back a couple of light poles at a time.  We had some ring of fire and global warming to add some flair to the traditional COP.  Some of the exercises included, merkins, burpees, plank jacks, mountain climbers, lbc’s, squats, split leg jumps,  Happy Jacks, Hill Billy’s, cotton pickers, SSHs, American Hammers, flutter kicks and I am sure a lot more I am forgetting.

Back to the flag for Name O Rama – Welcome The Proxy.

Naked Moleskins:

YHC did mess up one cadence count because apparently something crawled up The Mole and died. Based on the fumes he probably should have pulled an Elvis, but claims to have made it back to the house for a Dumb and Dumber. The lesson learned – a solid Pre-Game routine is there for a reason.

Of Course C4 calls out Happy Jacks. Not as sexy as the J-Lo but clearly his cup of tea.

Woody is ready for his VQ not only does he call out Burpee’s for the first shout out exercise of the morning, but he finished the BD with jumping leg squats in cadence and nailed the count. You are ready!! How about November 29?  After all it took Homeboy a solid month to finally figure out how to call a proper Imperial Walker.

Speaking of cadence Count, everyone nailed it and some (Natty Lite) not naming names, even demanded perfect form. Clearly Homeboy has provided a great example of what not to do.

Props to Spaceballs.  YHC called mountain climbers and then called out Spaceballs who of course called out more mountain climbers because apparently YHC did not get us to the top of the mountain. Way to pick up the Q and/or he just really likes mumble chatter from the rest of the Pax.

The Proxy posted even though some guy from church who doesn’t post told him about F3. What a great F3 Name.

After the beatdown this week, please stick around to volunteer to help put up lights. See Homeboy’s email. This would be a great way to give back to the community and Veteran’s Park.

Don’t worry about Homeboy’s count. He has it down. Practice makes perfect!!

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