It was 40ish!

When: 11/11/17

QIC: Manhole

PAX (): Seles, Bibo, Leon, Sleeper and Scout

A solid beatdown was enjoined by 5 brave lads (well 3 brave lads and 2 tardy ones – but i digress) and YHC (Manhole)

Warm-O-Rama (Let’s mosey, it’s cold) – stopping at the bottom lot for some SSH (IC – 15). Oh look, here come Sleeper and Leon (double time into the woods). Imperial Walkers (IC-15). Squats (IC-15), Merkins (IC-15) Let’s mosey to the tree stumps for a set of 11s (In cadence?? – Step-Ups and Dips) Mosey to the lower DNC lot.

The Thang (Partner Up)

100 Sumo Squats while your partner runs back down the hill to the fence and back. Rinse and Repeat with 200 single count flutter kicks. And finally repeat-O with 100 hand release merkins.

Mosey to the starting line -and let’s lunge walk (all the way up) with occasional breaks for 7 sets of 20 single count squats of various flavors and then a mosey back down the hill

Grab some railĀ  for 3 sets (10) of partner cliff hanger merkins and 2 sets (10) partner assisted dips. (two was enough)

Circle up for some Mary. (all IC and x20)

LBC, Low flutter, low dolly, obliques (each side), low flutter

Jog up the hill and ring around the tree for one final set of squats

Mosey back over to the ball park and all the way down the hill to the lower lot for 50, 75, 100 (3x) from the lower lot to the ball house and mosey back down

Low flutter (x10 IC) and close it out.

(and for the life of me i have no idea who took us out)

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