Wheel of Misfortune

When: 11/13/2017

QIC: Manning

PAX (): Westside, The Mole, Dory, Hasbro, Harp, C4, Banjo, Natty Lite, Wham-O, Cricket, Swisher, Buckeye, Misty, Titlemax, Legionnaire, Spaceballs, Babyface FNG: Herbie

19 strong on a beautifully raw, damp, and foggy Monday morning…

Whamo-O’s efforts to soften YHC with the newest and cutest member of his family prove woefully unsuccessful.

Warm Up:

Extended mosey around the track and circle up for a quick warm up:

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Cotton Pickers
  • ?? Arm Roll Thingys

The Thang:

Welcome, to the Wheel of Misfortune!! Take a turn and spin the wheel. Everyone guaranteed to go bankrupt if all goes according to plan (assuming this fancy free app doesn’t crash ).

Cricket kicks it off and sets the wheels in motion.  Around and around we go, and in no particular order – mostly because I can’t fully remember:

  • 50 LBC’s OYO
  • 25 Merkins OYO
  • ”Lane 8” lap around the track
  • 100, er, 50 Mountain Climbers in cadence
  • Suicides on the field. 25/50/75/100. Thanks Cricket for being the spotter.

1 minute break to tamp down the nausea and splashing

  • ”Lane 8” lap around the track
  • 75 Monkey Humpers OYO
  • 50 LBC’s OYO
  • 25 Big Boy Sit-ups OYO
  • Suicides on the field. 25/50/75/100
  • 50 Mountain Climbers in cadence
  • 6:13am – finish strong with a “Lane 8 Indian Run.”

Mosey back to the flag for CoT and Name-o-Rama

Welcome FNG “Herbie”

Cricket to take the lead on The Kodiak shirt order

Homeboy and Legionnaire obviously in a coffee battle. Homeboy losing his grip on the lead whilst mowing down every buck, bobcat, and squirrel in the back 40

Thanks to Babyface for the mumble chatter in Law Dog’s absence, and to  The Mole for the aromatic SBD’s to fully set the mood. I’m thinking there might be some sort of lactose intolerance happening here. And to Hasbro for gutting it out and sharing his lung butter with all to enjoy


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