Lucky #13s

When: 11/13/2017

QIC: Grease Monkey

PAX (): Rusty, Jackelope, Patch, Windex, Squeegee, Polaroid, Bear, Big Short, I-Beam, Chelsea, Percy, Crab Legs, Goat, Grease Monkey

14 PAX descended on the Wreck on a not too cold, but foggy November morning. Light numbers for the Wreck but considering 80% of Mag Walk either on the IR or fart-sacking it seems about right. At 5:30 we were moseying towards the school.

Stopped at the baseball field for a quick warmup:

15 SSH, 15 Cotton Pickers, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Mountain Climbers, 12 Windmills

Short mosey over to the large wall for a few rounds of handstand push-ups / squats / LBCs.

R1: 5/10/20;   R2: 7/15/30;   R3: 10/20/30

We moseyed the back way over to the lower football field for a set of 13s: Mike Tysons and Big Boy Sit Ups. Bear Crawl from MT to the first hash-mark. Crab Walk back after BBSU. This seemed to take a while.

A quick 10 count and to satisfy Chelsea’s desire to run we lined up for some Burpee Catch Me if You Can. The PAX lined up and started a slow mosey around the football field while the last in line did 5 burpees. When finished he ran to the front of the line, tapping the last PAX on the shoulder along the way who then dropped for burpees. We made it 3 laps around the field before time was expiring. Burpees were not had by all.

We ended back at the flag with no time to spare. Mary will have to wait until Wednesday.

Announcements: WWE tickets for tonight’s event have been passed from Smackdown to I-Beam to Grease Monkey and now with Virginia Slim. Get with him if you are going.

Prayer Requests: Sprocket’s wife recovering from surgery. Thumper is back from Asia and having some difficulty sleeping.

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