Every DAWG has his Day!

When: 11/13/2017

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Sunshine, El Matador, Tightrope, Piggie, Scrooge, Zazu, Chip (FNG), Saint20

With the fog rolling in the #gloom seemed extra gloomy this a.m.  However, it could have just been some left over gloominess from the disaster of Saturday’s loss at Auburn.  (I’m thinking Sunshine and Saint20 likely disagree).  Nevertheless, YHC grabbed the Q in an effort to share the misery/love.

9 strong PAX started and finished a #beatdown that kept us in our home parking lot, here’s what happened:

Warm-up: Big mosey lap with some side shuffles and butt-kickers.  Circle up for some SSHs, Squats, and Mountain Climbers.  Disclaimer given.

The thang:

Thing 1: Mosey to the side of the building for some merkin and bear crawl fun.

1 derkin on one side…bear crawl over to the other side for 1 Irkin…crawl bear back for 2 derkins on the original side…bear crawl back for 2 Irkins.  Back and forth we went until we hit 10 derkins and 10 Irkins.  Good times.  Wall sit exercises and 10 second recovery.

Things 2:

Mosey over near the flag for a 60 second Burpee challenge with SSHs, High Knees, Boxer Shuffles as our auxiliary exercises.  Once you bow out, you mosey back and forth to Regal.

Round 1- 1 burpee then auxiliary exercise until 60 seconds…easy enough

Round 2- 2 burpees then auxiliary exercise until 60 seconds… piece of cake

Round 3- 3 burpees then auxiliary exercise until 60 seconds… very manageable

Round 4- same, 5-same, 6- painful, but doable, 7- PAX starting to take the optional mosey instead, 8- ouch, 9- more PAX exit, 10- Oh dear Lord, 11- oxygen tank needed, 12- most gone, 13- YHC gone, 14- Scrooge and El Matador almost make it and then throw in the towel.  Well done fellas.

Thing 3:

Mosey behind the tribe’s homebase for some wall-sit action.  First round, Two PAX would mosey out and show the group their best StarJump.  Second round, two PAX would show how not to befriend a monkey.

Thing 4: Extended round robin of Mary with all the older PAX calling out their favorite exercise, then calling out a buddy for his favorite.  Scrooge got creative and just about killed us.

Glad to have an FNG with us today…Welcome “Chip”!

Prayers up for the group at large, for our Churches represented, and for our upcoming GrowRuck.

Honored to lead and be encouraged by you!



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