Veterans Day Beat Down at Veterans Park

When: 11/11/2017

QIC: Legionnaire

PAX (): Sgt. Slaughter, Cricket, Manning, Stihl, Hombre, Woz, Titlemax, Legionnaire

Hard to compete with the local Turkey Trot 10K race but we tried…

Only 8 strong on this frosty morning! But happy to welcome two brand spanking FNG’s. Welcome to Bob aka Woz and Bryan aka Stihl.


  • 15 Imperial walkers
  • 15 Side straddle hops
  • 15 Summo squats
  • 15 Cotton pickers
  • Shoulder warm-ups  (circles)
  • Hip rotations

The Thang:

Mosey to the Gridiron and then in honor and in absentia of usual Saturday fearless leader, recovering from surgery, YHC humbly tried to emulate his tenacity and resolve.

The PAX paired up and as one would sprint from the goal line to the 50-yard line and back the other proceeded with the following exercise counts, then alternate sprint/exercise:

50 Burpees

100 Merkins

150 Freddy Mercury’s

200 Side Startle Hops

250 Mountain Climbers

300 American Hammer

350 LBCs

300 Squats

250 Arm/Air Presses

200 Lunges

150 Flutter Kicks

100 Merkins

50 Burpees

Mosey back to the flag with 3 mn to spare we found time to Mary: 15 Dollys and 15 Pointing Dogs, courtesy of Hombre.

Thoughts and Prayer for Cricket’s mother who received some unwelcome piece of news with a tumor detected in her mouth, as well as for Bob’s friend who suffered from a heart attack and now resting in the hospital.

Coffee and dismissed…

Thx to Sgt. Slaughter for reminding YHC not to leave Old Glory behind on the field…

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