Tear down the Wall

QIC: Olaf

PAX (): The Body, The Snake, Swiper, Clyde

Warm Up:
Mosey towards the soccer field pavilion
SSH – In Cadence
Cotton Mill – In Cadence
Mosey to the soccer field pavilion while picking up a coupon on the way.

The Thang:
Walls of Jericho Routine:
40 seconds of exercise
20 seconds of recovery
1.Donkey Kicks – hands on ground, kick both feet up on wall
2.Mike Tysons – feet on wall, squat position, then extend for merkin, and return to squat, repeat
3.Dwight Howard – wall jumps with both hands slapping wall
4.Wonder Bra – hold peoples chair; over press and outward press with coupon
5.Imperial Walkers – hand on head and raise knees as high as possible
6.Peter Parkers – merkin position, bring right knee to right arm then left knee to left arm, repeat
7.Heavy Freddy Mercuries – on 6, hold coupon above head at 6” off ground, then bicycle with legs
Wall of Fire: 10 merkins/10 LBC/10 burpees
Mosey back to return coupons.
Mosey back to flag for Mary.

Copperhead Squats
Hill Billy
Parker Peter
J Lo

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