Super 21

When: 11/06/2017

QIC: HomeBoy

PAX (): Harp, Pulte, Woody, Babyface, Law Dog, Dory, Cricket, Legionnaire, Manning, HomeBoy, Space Balls, C4, Swisher, Whammo, The Mole, Misty, TitleMax

The Kodiak was 17 Pax strong for a Monday Morning beatdown. As always there was plenty of smack talk and mumble chatter from the PAX. The PAX continues to provide plenty of leadership development smack for the QIC (much needed). Pandora sucked on music selection, plus the Mole requested the Cindy Lauper station. Someone said Pandora plays music based on your listening preferences, YHC has no idea what you are talking about. We were very proud of Titlemax saying no to the fartsack and posting on his first weekday beatdown – GOOD WORK!

PS – YHC got the Super 21 beat down idea from If you are ever traveling through Home of the Blues, check these boys out!

Warm Up

Mosey one lap around track
SSH x 15 IC
Imperial walkers x 10 IC (perfectly executed by the QIC this time)
Cotton Picker x 10 IC

The Thang

Super 21

First round: 1 merkin, 1 BBS and 1 Squat / 21 rounds / Move up one rep each round. Total of 231 reps of each exercise.

Stop after round 10 – Run to the top of the bleachers
Stop after round 15 – 21 Mountain climbers (Kodiak Count)
Stop after round 19 – Mosey 100 yards, AYG back 100 yards
After round 21 – Mosey to the goal line

Bear crawl 4 steps, stop and do 1 burpee

Bear crawl 4 steps, stop and do 2 burpees, rinse and repeat up to 5 burpees. Hold plank until all of Pax finishes

Once the PAX finished, we started over at 1 burpee and worked our way back to the goal line.

Indian run one lap around track and mosey back to the flag


We finished with Law Dog’s favorite, the J. Lo.


Whammo’s church is hosting an event this month to serve the homeless in our community. Contact him if you would like to serve or learn more. Please pray for the people who are being served and those who are serving.

Pray for Manning’s upcoming mission trip

Pray for Bloodhound’s surgery this Thursday. We know that even if Bloodhound has open wounds and bleeding, he will be ready for the next beatdown ASAP.


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