Fun with Bear Crawls and Crab Walks

When: 11/02/2017

QIC: Special K

PAX (): Miller Time, Smackdown, Nacho Libre, Turbine, Swingline, Goat, Saban, Krueger, Hombre, Blue Steel, Legos, Ha-Ha, Zima, Devito Spandex,

The Thang:

Started off moseying to the planters for some Aiken Legs.  Consisting of 20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges, and 20 split jacks.  Then on to dips.  Then we rinsed and repeated for another round of both Aiken Legs and dips.

A short mosey to the Field of Dreams for some fun with Bear Crawl Indian Runs and Crab Walk Indian Runs.  We lined up in two even lines along the first base line facing the outfield in the plank position. The two PAX in the back of the line bear crawled to the front of the line while everyone else performed merkins.  We did this until the group reached the outfield warning track.  On the way back to home plate we substituted crab walks for bear crawls and LBCs for merkins to perform a Crab Walk Indian Run.

Since we were at the Field of Dreams, I figured we would end with the Field of Dreams.  PAX counted of by 4s. Each group took there positions at first base, second, third, and home.  Group 1 performed AMRAP squats, Group 2 performed AMRAP Merkins, Group 3 performed AMRAP LBCs, Group 4 performed 15 burpees.  When finished with the burpees group 4 relieved group 1, group 1 relieved group 2 and so on.  This continued until each group completed their 15 burpees.

A quick mosey back to the flag for some Mary.


Thoughts and prayers went out to TO and everyone on the injured reserve list recovering from injury.

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