Un-Hostile Takeover

When: 11/07/2017

QIC: The Body

PAX (): Swiper, Olaf, Snake, Clyde, banjo, cricket, legionaire, hauser, skynard, aquaman, dori, westside, manning, lawdog, homeboy, baby face, reuben, wham-o,hombre

Un-Hostile Takeover

Typical Tuesday morning, planted the flag, bask in the gloom, and wait for the other PX to arrive.  Headlights emerge from the darkness, what the HELL, it’s a convoy. Them no good heathen from Kodiak are coming to Hijack my Q!!!!!  As Everett would say “Damn, were in a tight spot”, I better think of something quick.


Lets mosey!

Down to the bottoms for a brief warm-up

15 x SSH

15 x Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the Field and Partner up.


The Thang!

Dora 1-2-3

100 Mericans (10 Mericans while partner planks and switch)

Upon completion Both Pax Run 100 yds and back

200 LBC (20 LBC while partner holds feet 6 inches above ground)

Upon completion Both Pax Run 100 yds and back

300 Squats ( 25 Squats while partner hold air chair)

Upon completion Both Pax Run 100 yds and back


AHHhhh, now we are feeling good lets Mosey to Mount Kilimanjaro.

Keep your partner or swap


Parnter A: suicides up Kilimanjaro to every light pole

Partner B: Raccoon Crawl along guard rail and back




Double Line Indian run back to the flag for a quick Mary

15 – Freddy Mercury

15 – Swimmers



I feel that the take -over was thwarted and they are all our friends now……


Prayers go out to the young child with the brain issues and all of the people in Texas at the church shooting.

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