Kodiak…. Do not read!

When: 11/02/2017

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Body, Clyde, Wiz, Binney, Swiper, Snake, Houser, Olaf

Thanks to a barking dog this morning around 4:00. YHC was wide eyed and ready to go a little earlier than normal.  Of course, this was the morning I had a beat down all prepped and ready to go.  A completely original and new beatdown.  Kodiak you can stop reading here.  

8 PAX on hand for the first REAL fall morning with perfect temps and clear skies.  5:30 time to mosey.

Quick stop at the coupon dispensary for some rocks.  We don’t have fancy kettlebells and weighted plates here at Big Creek so we work with what the land, and the Forsyth County Parks and Rec. provide.  (Not that this workout calls for weights because it is totally original)


Mosey to sundial:
Cotton Mill X 10
SSH X 15

Mosey to parking lot where 16 individual stations have been set up:

45 sec AMRAP and rotate

1. Overhead press – W/rock
2. Squats
3. LBC’s
4. Rows – W/rock
5. Curls – W/rock
6. Merkins
7. Skull crushers – W/rock
8. American hammers – W/rock
9. Plank jacks
10. Carolina dry docks
11. Run
12. Mountain climbers
13. BBS – W/rick
14. Burpees
15. Monkey humpers
16. Star Jumps

Excellent mumble chatter from new regular Binney. He is catching on quick.

Rinse and repeat.

Pseudo Bataan death march back to redeposit our coupons in honor of our injured comrade Reuben.  This ended up being a cluster of burpees, Merkins and running.

Still with a little time left we head to the picnic tables and partner up.  P1 100 jump ups and 100 Step ups while P2 runs to light pole.

Mosey back to Flag for


Rosalita X 20


  •  Good to have Houser back, we figured Skynyrd was up late still celebrating UGA’s #1 ranking and won’t make it till after the football season is over.
  •  Prayers for Binney and a busy week coming up for his family
  •  Prayers for Darth and his family.
  •  Here’s to Swiper and the will to make wise decisions this weekend while hanging out with old friends, sound like fun.

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