Halloween (Burpee) Beatdown

When: 10/31/2017

QIC: Cookie

PAX (): Devito, Miller Time, Nacho, Zima, Locksmith, I-Beam, Double D, Moonshine, Turbine, Radar, Jackelope, Bayside, Krueger, Saban, Special K

16 PAX for a Halloween Beatdown.  YHC was humbled yet again to lead this group of HIM.  A week or two ago, I-Beam challenged the AO to fill up the Q Signup Sheet, and that we did.  And like a HIM we know he is, he held up his end of the challenge by performing 45 mins of burpees as we toured Wills Park together.


-mozy to children of corn
-5 burpees at each cross street (w/ I-Beam)
-side straddle hop
-cotton picker

-mozy to dog park track
Balls to wall challenge
-lineup Left – Right, Right being for those who think they can hold the longest
-everyone in cadence counting, holding 30 seconds, then 1st man drops.   10 seconds more, 2nd person drops, and son on. (TCLAPS for Special K as he held his ground the entire time)
-lunge walk across field
-mozy to baseball loop, stop at planters for dips and step ups
3 man relay teams
– A runs, B does 10 merkins while C is holding legs and doing 10 squats, then catch A who is planking.  When caught, A does merkins, B holds, C Runs.  Then C does merkins, A holds and B Runs
-mozy over to the base of Hill of Dreams
-Burpees for the six (w/ I-Beam)
Hill Dora – partners
-100 merkins
-200 squats
-300 LBC
-backwards every other run

-burpees (w/ I-Beam)
-Reverse LBC

Prayers for those dealing with injury right now, especially T.O., Mufasa & DC2.  Thoughts and prayers to all of those out trick or treating with their kids tonight.  Please allow everyone to have fun and stay safe.

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