Waterlogged Beatdown

When: 10/23/2017

QIC: HatTrick

PAX (): Caboose, Larry, Flo-rida, Rusty, Squeegee, Circus, Grease Monkey, Toothpick, Bear, Sprocket, Doogie, I-beam, Greenbean, HatTrick

14 men strapped on their flippers and floaties to wade in the water of the Monday rain, no amount of water was going to hold these men back from posting as we straight punched this water logged Monday in the grill.    As the clock approached 530am you could find 14 PAX huddled underneath the gazebo as the rain transitioned to a downpour, a traveling visitor, FLO-RIDA graced us with his presence from his AO; Area 51 – great meeting ya and hope to have you back kind sir.


Mosie to the trail and drop a single burpee at each light pole on said trail until reaching the flag pole at the pond, LBCs until the 6.

The Thang: 

  • 25 SSHs
  • 15 Werkins (wide merkins)
  • 25 squats
  • 25 BBSUs (OYO); plank when done until the 6.

    Mosey; make way around the pond to the steps, 3 calf raises on each step, air chair until the 6.

    Mosey; Head to lower parking lot by turf field.

  • Wheel of Merkin
    -Grab some curb; 5 incline, 5right hand low, 5 decline, 5 left hand low = 1 set
    Complete 4 sets  OYO
    – Grab some wall  and air chair until the 6, head to the turf field.
  • Whamo-Lung Walk with Frisbee
    -Sling the frisbee. Once in the air sprint after it until hits ground.  Stop and plank once frisbee on ground.  Once exercise is called, do that all the way to frisbee.  We did 8 rounds: Lunge, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, Crab Walk, Lunge, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, Crab Walk.
  • Mosey to the Hill for 5s. (top/bottom exercises total 5) Start with 4 Burpees at the top, 1 diamond merkin at bottom
    3 burpees, 2 DMs
    2 burpees, 3 DMs
    1 burped,  4DMs
  • Back to flag & MARY (flutter kicks, box cutters, dying cockroach, freddy mercury, monkey humpers, merkins)


  • Larry starting his own Trash Collection service (LLC created), he’s excited to get the ball rolling as he gets some insurance and begins reaching out to local apartment/condo complexes offering his services if you know of anyone, good luck Larry!
  • FLO-RIDA shared about a fellow PAX in his AO who is going through a rough time and was going share with us on Twitter.


  • Prayers for the Wreck 2.0’s coming into this world and for Moms/Dads adjusting to having another human at home.

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