When: 10/21/2017

QIC: Misty

PAX (): Whammo, Hasbro, The Mole, Misty

With a few of the guys participating in the Spartan we had a small, but enthusiastic group that posted on this brisk, but beautiful morning. We may not have left the day with Spartan status, but here’s how our little beatdown went:

SSH x 15 IC
Windmill x 10 IC
Arm circles front and back

Partnered up, which thankfully was efficient as we lucked out and had an even number:

1 partner did Balls to the Wall until fail while the other partner did monkey humpers until partner 1 dropped. Switched out and then did all over again.

Moseyed to other side of park to do a Steinl.

Plank 30 sec
Elbows 30 sec
10 merkin
Peter Parker, mtn clmbr, Parker peter (left leg IC x 10)
10 merkin

I originally intended to do two rounds of these. I don’t know if it was the BTTW or what, but we were good after one round. Onward and upward!

Continued moseying around the trail to the hill for partner 11s w/ coupons.
Squats at the top, LBCs at bottom while partner AMRAP curls.
Switch at half way point (5/6) and after both have done first half then AMRAP shoulder press while partner does the 2nd half of their 11s.

Moseyed to the playground to do some Step ups and dips x 10 each IC for 2 sets.

Next we did some captain thor 1:4 big boy sit ups and American hammers. With some encouragement from yours truly and the Mole we made it to 10:40.

Still with some time left we pulled up to our bench again for Box jumps and jump lunges x 10 each IC for 2 sets.

Did a quick Ringlet of Fire with everyone holding plank until I said go. 10 merkins each all the way around twice while the others held plank.

Much to my surprise we STILL had some time left so with The Mole wanting his full money’s worth we did some Mary to finish things off, everyone called out their favorite:

Freddie mercury (The Mole) x 15 IC
Row boats (Whammo) x 10 IC
ABCs (Hasbro)

Back to the flag ¬†where we all lamented not having Homeboy there with coffee. Thanks to those that joined me as I don’t know that I would have had the wherewithal to go at it alone if no one had showed up. You’ll all be glad to know that I remembered the flag. See you all in the (wet) gloom on Monday!

Thoughts and prayers to the guys running the Spartan and for those that are healing up from various ailments.

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