8 mile coupon Ruck

When: 10/20/2017

QIC: Dosido

PAX (): Dosido, Banjo, Mufasa, Simba, Sneakers

40# Sandbag and a couple of 35+# was the order of the night. 8 miles to go, do your best! Temps in the low 60s, clear skies with a breeze – perfect weather for this. This is the ARR (after action report) for what happened.

At 9 pm the 5 assembled at an obscure location, maybe part of the exercise was some land nav and see how you follow directions to get there. But there we were. The group ready to go. Banjo’s first Ruck over an hour, Simba joining the regular monthly night Ruckers for the first time. This was a good crew, and we were going to have fun.

We headed out, good pace, and getting used to these coupons. The mood was good, the conversation and jokes flowed, all the PAX in high spirits. First stop YHC was looking for a submersion, but gave up on that after thinking about it for a bit. A little while later, Simba took a heavy fall while carrying the 40#, but knows how to roll with it, undeterred , he got up and kept going.

The miles went by, good rhythm and conversation helping. The PAX was always eager to get a coupon and the six stayed close. While on North Main street, Banjo was recognized by one of his Wrestlers while driving by. “Coach! what are you doing? We didn’t think you’d ACTUALLY do it!” “I ALWAYS do what I say I’m going to do” was Coach’s reply, good role model setting. YHC is looking forward to having Banjo on the GrowRuck05 team headed to TN next month.

Last hill – make that left turn and power it up. Simba, powerful in his stride has the 40# and pushes his HR to over 185 bpm. The six is close, and impressive effort by all.

The event was capped by replacing the lost calories at the local Steak’n’Shake – milkshakes and burgers the reward for a job well done!

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