The Tuning Fork Goes Off….

When: 10/18/2017

QIC: LawDog

PAX (): Crack, Cookie, The Body, The Mole, Olaf, Manning, Natty Lite, Law Dog

8 Pax hit the links striving for perfection, but knowing it was unattainable. All were searching for that elusive tuning fork to go off in our heart and balls, because such pure feeling is the well struck golf shot.  After a warm up at the driving range and several discussions on the type of game, we teed off with The Body, Olaf, Cookie and Crack v. Manning, Natty lite, the Mole, and YHC.  YHC should have brought a wienke because trying to add up the score with “ifs” v. a handicap system followed by scats was near impossible. So we just adding up one way and then other. Both resulted in the Kodiak 4 coming out ahead in the overall team competition but it looked like Cookie took the most scats.

Some personal awards are to be given out.

The golden birdie goes to Cookie.  While YHC had two spectacular birdies on the front that came after two purely struck approach shots, Cookie’s can’t be beat. The way I heard it was a errant tee shot forced a drop but ended with a 3 after a 140+ yard shot. Yeah, he just sank a 140+ yard birdie. Crack was unsure if it went in, but Cookie knew. Just ask for his video. That shot proved to be the difference between us as he got me by one overall. This award came with a prize, so Cookie look for Crack in the gloom. He made the gold medal himself.

The Sand award was hard to decide. Natty Lite loves the sand and probably plays more bunker shots than anyone I know, but the sandie of the day goes to Olaf.  Again, as I heard it, Olaf took a big ol’ nasty swing from the sand which proves that 3 bad shots plus one good still makes par.

The Moles’ 3 wood was on fire. Stuck it closer from 240 than his wedge from 40.  Next time I play a scramble with him, I am hitting my 9 iron of the tee, to leave him a 3 wood to the green every time. He also walked away with low individual score.

Manning gets the goose egg. The game with in the game from the Kodiak ended on 18. Manning stepped up his game towards the end to earn some wins putting him and the Mole up 1 with 1 to play. However, Natty drew a line and made par on 18 effectively shutting Manning out. Speaking of Natty, he is getting anxious to have another get together at his house.  Apparently he has a new IPA he wants to try out. C4 is going to bring BBQ.

Finally, The Body gets the Blue Ball award. I mean he literally plays golf with blue balls.

All in all the day was a win. 8 Pax ditched work and played golf enjoying fellowship and friendly competitions. It don’t get much better than that.



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